laser engraver industry is no exception

Laser engraver uses notes and details.Every industry has every industry standards and safety norms, laser engraver industry is no exception, in the process of laser engraver in use, we often encounter this or that problem, a small problem is not in trouble, relatively easy to solve. However, in the event of a very serious problem, it will cause incalculable loss of life and property, so before using laser engravers have some details still very necessary. For the following questions about the details do not know if you noticed?

A. Observe the general safety rules cutters. Start the program starts in strict accordance with laser laser.
2. Press the provisions of labor Wear protective equipment must be worn in the vicinity of the Laser engraver for sale laser beam comply with safety glasses.

III. The operator must be trained and familiar with the device structure, performance, master operating system knowledge.

Four in front of a material not figure out if you can use the laser irradiation or heat, not its processing, in order to avoid potentially dangerous fumes and vapors.

V. When the device start operating personnel are not allowed to leave their posts or the Trustee to be managed, should be shut down or if really need to leave off the power switch.

Six. When abnormality in the process, should be immediately shut down, timely troubleshooting or reporting officer.
Seven To fire extinguisher readily available and in place;metal laser cutting machine to turn off the laser or the shutter is not working; do not put paper, cloth, or other combustible materials in the vicinity of the laser beam is unprotected.

Eight Keep lasers, bed and around the site clean and orderly, no oil, parts, sheet metal, scrap pile according to regulations.
IX. When using gas cylinders, welding wire should avoid crushing avoid leakage accident. The use of gas cylinders, gas cylinders shall be subject to the monitoring of transport regulations. Prohibit cylinders prolonged sun exposure in the sun or near a heat source. When the cylinder valve is turned on, the operator must stand on the side of the lip.

X. repair high voltage safety procedures to follow. Every 40 hours or weekly maintenance work every 1000 hours of operation or maintenance every six months, to be carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures.
XI. To enter the new part program, you should first try to run and check its operation.

XII. After low speed should be co2 laser cutting machine manually  turned on X, Y direction starting machine, check to make sure whether the abnormal situation.

XIII. When the work, to observe the operation of the machine, in order to avoid cutting machine out of the effective stroke range or two collision accident.

Laser engraving laser machine manufacturers little or no analysis of the reasons for the laser output
laser engraver laser engraver laser manufacturers analysis is weak or non-laser output causes:
1. Focus Lens whether pollution: Clean focusing mirror. 2. The relief engraving machine equipment focus is the focal length changes: re-adjust the focus.

3. The optical path is offset: Carefully adjust the optical path. . 4 reflective lens is contaminated or damaged: Clean or replace the reflective lenses. 5. The laser power is energized: Check the laser power supply circuit to make it normal. 6. The laser tube is damaged or aging: Replace the laser tube. 7. The laser power is damaged: Replace the laser power.

8. tombstone engraving machine machine temperature is too co2 laser engraver high: a shutdown let cool down; 2 machine cooling ventilation strengthen; 3 Adjust the ambient temperature 9. circulate cooling water if:.. Clear cooling water. 10. Cooling water quality or temperature is normal: Replace the cleaning of cooling water to the temperature to normal.

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