Laser cutting machine with you to understand the basic structure

Metal laser cutting machine seven advantages to lead the forefront.As the saying goes, shop around, it is better to buy one. Metal laser cutting machine series products have been widely applied to many countries around the world, a number of products through the European CE certification, the US FDA and other international authoritative certification, widely praised by users, leading laser cutting machine industry forefront, mainly with seven big advantage, see below decomposition.

1, quick copy board: by CCD recognition system, the software can automatically complete outline recognition of a plurality of metal objects, and used to generate computer files, metal laser cutting machine thus achieving the desired pattern and automatic layout objects, cutting, convenient, and eliminating the need for part of the whole plate.

2, intelligent layout: different rules can be appropriately sized graphic arrangement, the material utilization rate increased to the extreme, but also provides an automatic edge-cutting function, saves energy and improve efficiency. In addition, it can copy board system, Scrap, typesetting reused, saving the cost of materials, labor and material.

3, precision cutting: can one cut type, precision, no glitches. Also on the metal pipe for precision punching, notching, cutting and so on. But also by the AF system with intelligent positioning, cutting different thickness of the material and shaped plate, especially when the material is uneven or corners encountered tilt, without manual focus, you can achieve fast cutting.

4, automatic identification: application of the scheme of automatic identification systems for all kinds of colored graphics on the metal sheet, can automatically find the cutting edge needed to achieve.

5, marking crossed: the universality of various kinds of metal materials processing technology, such as text marking, engraving graphics shading, co2 laser engraving machine line engraved mark, etc., especially in the instrument panel applications, applications are especially common.

6, polish color: color unique polishing process can be made more eye-catching metal processing products for handicrafts put the final layer of gorgeous “coat.” Multiple pairs of hit material to the case Qiesuo do also. Equivalent, to be non-conductive gold, province

7, the cutting effect: 6mm stainless steel around, 8mm steel can be used around the air cutting, cutting surface is smooth, less dross, the most up to 10mm thick cut, cut the thickest in the YAG medium power industry. 3 more honestly International Airport on a C-style clothing items together solid 4 0 fine coke light up.

Laser cutting machine with you to understand the basic structure
For the concept of laser cutting machine, many  people have the knowledge and understanding. But to truly  understand laser cutting machine, will have to look carefully at a glance. So the general construction laser cutting machine which parts composed it? Here grams laser cutting machine manufacturers to share with you.

1, the laser oscillation of the laser power supply high-voltage power supply.

2, a laser oscillator generates a laser main device

3, the direction of refraction of the laser reflecting mirror for guiding need. For the beam path failure does not occur, all mirrors must be protected with a protective cover.

4, the torch including gun, the focusing lens co2 laser cutting machine and the auxiliary gas nozzle and other parts.

5, the cutting work platform for receiving the workpiece to be cut, and according to the control program correctly and accurately move, usually driven by opportunistic motor.

6, torch driving means for driving the torch in accordance with procedures along the X-axis and Z-axis direction, by a servo motor and lead screw transmission parts and other components.

7, NC device platforms and cutting torch motion control, but also control the laser output power.
8, the operation panel for control of the whole process of cutting device.

9, cylinders including laser working medium cylinders and auxiliary cylinders for working gas and supply supplementary laser oscillation cutting assist gas

10, the cooling water circulation system for cooling the laser oscillator. Laser is converted into light using the electric apparatus, such as a CO2 gas laser, the conversion efficiency is typically 20%, the remaining 80% of the energy is converted into heat. Cooling water to take away Laser engraver for sale the excess heat to maintain normal operation of the oscillator.

11, for the air dryer to the laser oscillator and the beam path of the supply of clean dry air in order to maintain normal working path and the reflecting mirror.

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