Laser cutting machine will develop towards intelligent and automation

  Laser cutting is one of the most laser processing industry to an application of the technology, because it has many advantages, has been widely used in automotive, locomotive manufacturing, aerospace, chemical industry, light industry, electrical and electronic, petroleum and metallurgy industries. Quickly in recent years, laser cutting machine and technology development, the world is growing at 20% ~ 30% every year.
Laser cutting to highly automated and intelligent direction. The CAD/CAPP/CAM and the artificial intelligence applied in laser cutting, developed a highly automated multi-function laser processing system.
According to the processing speed of adaptive control of laser power and laser mode or set up process database and expert adaptive control system makes the laser cutting machine general improvement in performance. In the database as the system core, the oriented universal CAPP development tool, for all kinds of data in the process of laser cutting machine design, analysis, establish the database structure.
To develop multifunctional laser machining center, such as laser cutting, laser welding and laser heat treatment after each working procedure quality feedback integrated together, give full play to the overall advantages of laser processing.
Three dimensional precision large CNC laser cutte-dimensional workpiece cutting, three-dimensional laser cutting machine is high efficiencing machine and cutting technology, in order to meet the automotive and aerospace industries the need of threy, high precision, multifunctional and high adaptability direction development, the application range of the laser cutting robot will become more and more big. Laser cutting machine technology is toward the direction of laser cutting unit FMC, unmanned and automation development.

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