Laser cutting machine to produce parts quickly mix

Laser cutting machine technology can be used in the production function model, technology model, metal mould and mould including the surface of the forging die, injection molding and stamping die repair, by using multiple send powder nozzle, functional gradient coating processing. The laser cutting technology in empty structure of production. Through the check within the grid structure. Is to use laser cutting technology in production of thin-walled space structure, its shape is the turbine blades. The laser cutting technology in the direct production of the turbine shaft. Is to use laser cutting technology and traditional technology combined with the production of the complete turbine model, including all of the blade is built directly by laser cutting technology in turbine shaft, the other part of the traditional machining method. With laser generated growth technology model surface is rough, if on air flow test, need for machining blade surface.
Using laser cutting technique to repair the process of turbine blade, blade the crown of wear and tear in the service. Laser cutting machine in the need to generate empty within 3 ~ 5 mm high thin wall structure, the wall thickness is 1 mm. The advantage of using the technology to repair the generated surface and the surface is very close, reduces the post-processing work required.


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