Laser cutting machine technology performance

Craft laser cutting machine is mainly what.By high power density laser beam cutting surface, it can be instantaneously raise the temperature to a few thousand to tens of thousands of degrees of vaporization and melting process is formed, and then high-pressure gas injection remove vaporized or molten material is formed, the result is reached perfect cutting items.

Laser cutting machine technology performance in several areas
First, the control fracture cutting – user cutting of some materials more susceptible to heat damage, the laser beam through the high-speed high-density and controllable cutting, heating to maintain a certain schedule, the laser beam can be directed in different Laser engraver for sale directions cracks.

Second, melting cutting – laser power of the laser beam into the ultrahigh internal evaporation, the formation of voids.

Holes are surrounded by molten metal wall, and then, with the secondary beam coaxial flow of molten material around the hole away. With the movement of the work, according to the cutting direction of the hole to form a synchronous sliding slit.

Continue along co2 laser engraving machine this seam laser beam irradiation forefront, continuous or pulsed melted material is blown away from the inside seam.

The wood carving cnc machine is widely used in various industries, such as:

* Woodindustry: wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, woodcabinet, screen, computer desk and other panel furniture etc.

*Advertising industry: advertising signs, acrylic cutting and some other materials.

* Craft gift industry: 3D wood cnc router can be used for produce all kinds of shadow carving and relief.

Third, Cutting method: vaporization – laser beam at high temperatures, the surface material into a gas  disappears, the rest of the residue was purified by high pressure air jet blown formed only bottom.

Laser cutting machine: performance determines the speed, efficiency decisions.

Some customers and friends to raise a question: “How can we make laser cutting machine more efficient” First, we must of course use the machine cognition, laser cutting machine for fast exist when, metal laser cutting machine acting on material goods processing time is short, so that makes the smaller spot formed on the surface of the object, so out of the product free of burrs, folds, some accuracy is improved.

However, this is how quickly and effectively to achieve it
First, the device is equipped with a laser cutting machine to be reasonable, high quality, so that the process does not appear to run some incompatibilities.

Second, the saying goes: quicken work. Say is for the maintenance of the machine, there is no longer specific description of how maintenance of machinery. But this is also a necessary condition determines the speed and efficiency of the machine is running out.
Third, a good operator. Developed skills will work to bring the benefits of a multiplier.

Laser cutting machine for factory workers, that operator, there may have been unfamiliar, so in training, it is best to find a serious attitude, ability to accept a strong sense of responsibility,co2 laser cutting machine  as in later when in actual operation, not a big problem.

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