Laser cutting machine sometimes why blow?

There was a lot of people to laser cutting machine manufacturer, why use laser cutting machine to blow gas, sometimes what reason is this? What role can blow air? Is actually pretty big, when you read the following information will be known.
Normally, blowing on the laser cutting machine, from a professional term should call auxiliary gases. Main show is: 1, the cooling to prevent material hardening by heat treatment. 2, pressure will be cutting metal melting slag blown off. 3, auxiliary combustion. Such as oxygen cutting, oxygen combustion sex has more energy when cutting. Of course for non-metallic laser cutting machine, blowing a can prevent fire, another can prevent the dust jam laser jet mouth! Some special material should strengthen blowing in order to achieve the purpose of the material does not change color! And from miniaturist, laser engraving machine, carving cutting bamboo and wood products, paper, leather, fabric and other surface material is in order to reduce the temperature to eliminate surface carbonization, keep primary colors to achieve the best effect of carving; Moreover miniaturist, laser cutting machine also blow gas some to smoke and remove dust, so as to better achieve the laser efficiency.


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