Laser cutting machine maintenance

Following a short introduction of laser cutting machine upkeep of water replacement and tank cleaning:
Suggestion: clean water tank and replace circulating water just about every week
Note: the machine operate ahead of will have to make certain that the laser tube is complete of circulating water. Circulating water top quality and water temperature directly affects the service life of laser tube, it can be advised to work with pure water, and to handle the water temperature below 35 ��. For far more than 35 �� to replace the circulating water, or to add ice to lower the water temperature, water (cooling machine, suggest the user to choose or use two tank).
Clean water tank: initial, turn the power off and take away water inlet pipe, let the laser tube of water into the tank automatically, open the water tank, pump and clear the dirt around the water pump. Superior clean water tank clean, replace the circulating water, the water pump to restore back into the water tank, the connection pipe inserted in to the inlet on the pump, tidy up the joint. The pump power alone, and run 2 to three minutes (the laser tube is full of circulating water).

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