Laser cutting machine maintenance need to pay attention to several aspects

Routine maintenance and repair of laser cutting machine is very important, because the price is not low laser cutting machines, ranging from tens of millions more than it is, so as to extend the life of the laser cutting machine can better reduce production costs and win more benefits. Where that specific aspects of the maintenance of it, to remind you, can mainly be from the following aspects:

The first, circulating water tank replacement and cleaning. Before the machine work must ensure that the laser tube filled with circulating water, recycled water quality and water temperature directly affects the life of the laser tube. So regular replacement cycle for water and tank cleaning. This is best carried out once a week.

The second,lens cleaning. Would have some mirrors and focusing mirror on the machine. The laser is through these reflective lenses, the focus is emitted from the laser head. Lens is easily stained with dust or other contaminants, resulting in the loss of a laser or lens damage.

So every day to clean the lens. Clean Also note:

1 Gently wipe the lens should not damage the surface coating;

2 wipe process should gently to prevent falls;

3 focusing mirror installation be sure to keep concave downward.

The fourth,the rails clean. Rail, linear shaft as one of the core components of the device, its function is to play the role of guidance and support. In order to ensure that the machine has higher precision, requires its rails, linear guide with high precision and good movement smooth. Equipment during operation, due to be processed in the processing will produce a lot of dust and corrosive fumes, smoke and dust the base of these long-term heavy deposition in the rail, linear shaft surface, has a great influence on the machining accuracy of the device, and will in the formation of the linear guide shaft surface pitting and shorten equipment life. So once every two weeks to clean the machine guides. To turn off the machine before cleaning.

The fifth,screw fastening coupling. Movement system after working for some time, the screw connection of the movement, will have loose coupling will affect the smooth mechanical movement, so to observe the operation of the machine there is no abnormal noise or transmission components anomalies, identify problems in a timely manner robust and maintenance. Over a period of time while the machine should be firm with the tools one by one screw. The first firm should use about a month after the device.

The sixth,optical inspection. Optical focusing system of the machine by the reflecting mirror and the focusing lens jointly completed, the focusing lens does not exist in the optical path offset problems, but the three mirrors are fixed by the mechanical part, the larger the possibility of the offset, While the shift does not occur under normal circumstances, but recommends that users be sure to check before work every light path is normal.

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