Laser cutting machine is now the most widely used

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine no light repair method.First, the machine running the cutting process suddenly no light

1. Check whether the water tank alarm

A, alarm, water tank behind the inlet and outlet connection with a pipe, tank energized to see if the alarm. If the alarm, the tank is broken. If you do not the police, it is the laser tube water does not flow,  metal laser cutting machine check whether the bend pipe or something to suppress, if there is debris in the water tank (replacement tank of pure water).

B, no alarm, check the laser power supply fan is in turn. Laser power supply fan switch, wire short laser power.

2, the laser tube is light, light, motion control card above the line loose, or dynamic motion control card bad (replace the board). No light, laser power and bad. (Rare cases laser tube bad) (check whether the high-side laser tube ignition phenomenon, sparking easy to laser power electronic components and boards burned). Laser power supply fan does not turn, electric pen test laser power 220V port has power. Electric, laser power and bad. (Repair or replace the power supply); no power, check the laser power switch, line.

Second, no boot light, the operator is not very familiar with the machine operating procedures.

To check the following aspects

1, the laser power switch is turned on.

2, the tank is open.

3, machine control panel, power is correct. Or computer software parameters are correct.

4, the light path is normal. (According to the light to see if the laser tube light, bright light while co2 laser engraving machine the laser head no, then the optical path of a problem).

Laser cutting machine is now the most widely used industrial applications of a cutting device having a unique advantage to win the love of many processors, compared with the traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machine cutting technology to meet the traditional cutting effect can not be achieved.

Therefore, it is Laser engraver for sale currently the most widely used on the market of a cutting products, presumably questions we are most concerned about is how to make better use of laser cutting machine and how to reduce the cost, where I do a simple spare parts and accessories in accordance with both the introduction.

First, bull ring laser cutting machine cutting nozzle head with a connecting portion is a bull ring, its role is to connect and insurance: To prevent excessive pressure inside the nose damage worth 20,000 yuan lens, crash ring will be cracking, immediately stop the machine can not be used; in addition, bull nose ring can also play a protective role in preventing accidents to head bashed.

Second, the existing laser cutting machine worktable is fine datum, not directly on top fixture for work, in order to facilitate the work, we are working to locate vice Face, processing many different holes co2 laser cutting machine  in the secondary work surface into rules, Since the distance between the hole and the hole is the same, so the fixture can be adjusted in the above form a swap, extend the life of equipment to improve the work efficiency.

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