Laser cutting machine industry in China will go intensive development path

With the continuous development of industry, demand for laser cutting equipment industries are also constantly improve, especially for metal laser cutting machine processing speed and quality are most attention.
Laser cutting equipment, needless to say, you should know that there are a lot of advantages, laser cutting machine is made of laser beam thermal conversion to realize the cutting effect. Laser cutting equipment, as a new kind of laser cutting, more and more widely used in various processing field is auto field, has a great effect.
Adverse market conditions in low price competition, many domestic manufacturers and brand is not outstanding, the lack of technology innovation, heavily reliant on foreign advanced technology, the lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, labor costs rise, coupled with the rising of raw material also increased a lot of enterprise cost pressure greatly. By the above phenomenon can foresee, intensive development pattern will be a lot of enterprise future development direction of the laser cutting machine.
Transition from extensive management to intensive management, namely change the low technology content, low management level, low economic benefits, to high technology content, high capital content, high management level, high economic quality and high economic benefit of the mode of operation.
1.Intensive development route, first you need to do is to change ideas, set up the idea of long-term development and formulate feasible goals and plans.
2. Multiple channels to improve the efficiency of management.
3 .laser cutting machine enterprise centralized development

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