laser cutting machine has become an indispensable basic equipment in many industries

On the Application of laser cutting machine in the field of shipbuilding.With the rapid development of tube laser cutting machine, laser cutting machine has become an indispensable basic equipment in many industries, but with the rapid development of laser technology, laser cutting machine began sitting in the field of shipbuilding applications,wood CNC router machine  then the laser cutting machine in the field of shipbuilding in the end is how it? The following is a brief introduction of laser cutting machine in the shipbuilding sector.

Laser cutting machine sew narrow, good cutting quality, no scraping residue, in those high-precision, high-efficiency cutting thin areas, CNC laser cutting machine has been the first choice. But because however CNC laser cutting machine is expensive, equipment investment cost about 2 to 3 times fine plasma; when using laser cutting thickness exceeding 6 ~ 8mm steel plate processing costs will be greater than the precision plasma cutting, plus routine maintenance work Great, so the higher CNC laser cutting operating costs, these negative factors hinder its application in China’s shipbuilding industry.

Laser cutting machine dislocation What are the reasons?
With the rapid development of industry, laser cutting machine is the virtue of precision, cutting speed and low cut costs, and so much advantage of people of all ages, especially with the tube laser cutting machines and fiber laser cutting machine and so on laser cutting machine products, diversified development, laser cutting machine has become an integral part of many heavy industries. However, in the practical application of laser cutting machines, many users tend to cut out the phenomenon of dislocation,  co2 laser cutting machine then in the end is what causes the laser cutting machine misplaced it? The following is a brief introduction.

1, the feed cut dislocation.

(1) Step away from the feed shaft problem. * = Measured length of cloth from the original pitches / really length (set feed length).

(2) the timing belt feed axis motor belt locking wheel locking wheel loose.

(3) net loosening roller, so that relative sliding movement between the material and the power transmission shaft.

2, not feeding the cutting dislocation.

(1) Processing speed is set too high. Carts motor line is bad.

(2) the drive current is too small.

(3) drives broken or motor broken. General Motor lost less bad two-step phenomenon.
Laser cutting machine fault diagnosis and troubleshooting CNC router machine a common

Slide movement is not ideal:
1 guide for contamination: Clean rail and add oil.
2 car slide and slide if pollution: clean slide and slide.
3 drive belt is loose: adjust the belt tension.
4 transmission gear is loose: tighten the drive gear.

Laser cutting machine fault diagnosis and troubleshooting common 2

Processing errors or actions wrong size

A signal line is normal: Replace the signal lines.

2 machine and the computer is properly grounded: the device and the computer is well grounded.
3 computers running correctly: replace or handle computer.

4 computer operating system failure or virus infection: reinstall your operating system or antivirus.

5 Application Software is normal: reinstall the software and motion control card driver software.

6 power supply is unstable or noisy signal:  co2 laser engraving machine the installation of regulators or eliminate the interference signal.

7 processing program to write correctly: Check written processing procedures, modify until it properly.

8 processing parameters are set correctly (eg layout, etc.): Re-set the corresponding parameters
Laser cutting machine fault diagnosis and troubleshooting common 3

the computer and the device is not online:
1 movement system is powered: Check the power supply and make it normal motion system.
2 scan switch is open: open the scanner.
3 signal cable is loose: re-plugged the signal cord and fixed.
4 DSP motion control card is damaged: replace DSP motion control card (contact our service department).

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