Laser cutting machine for manufacturing service core

Laser cutting machine for manufacturing service core

As China’s aerospace, the rapid development of electronics, military industry and other industries. For our laser cutting machine, precision, stability and reliability of also more and more high, laser cutting machine in China, to enhance the share of in these industries, must want to improve their reliability, stability and precision. In the fierce market competition in an impregnable position in the world, and truly become a “manufacturing power”, China’s laser cutting machine manufacturing enterprises must set up the “user-centric” business philosophy, to meet user needs, to help users solve problems, to a service-oriented manufacturing shift.

1, take the customer as the center, and tailored to provide personalized services to our customers

The laser cutting machine manufacturing industry as a core, is to take the customer as the center, according to customer demand, customized, actively provide the personalized service to our customers.

2, improve the industrial chain, improve the efficiency of resource configuration and use of the laser cutting machine enterprises to adapt to changing market demand, improve the heavy, large laser cutting machine and other products supporting the development, form a complete industrial chain, for the country’s energy, shipbuilding, metallurgy, aerospace, military industry, transportation, such as pillar industry to provide strong support.

3, the implementation of the two fusion strategy, accelerating the informatization of laser cutting machine enterprises reform

4, independent innovation, the realization of key technology and independent research and development production of spare parts

5, scale development, improve product reliability, stability and precision


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