Laser cutting machine cutting precision and size error affected by what variables?(beneath)

Machining error size are generally encountered in utilizing the laser cutting machine for processing the fault, the fault influence both the production efficiency, enhanced the price of production. The reason for fault processing size error the primary places:
1, the signal is just not normal. At this point the line must be replaced.
2, equipment, and laptop poor earth. Right now you must gear and pc fantastic grounding.
three, computer does not run effectively. This needs to be repaired or replaced computer system personal computer.
4, computer operating method fault or infected using the virus. Will need to reinstall the operating technique or killing the virus.
five, the application computer software will not be standard. Then you will need to install the computer software along with the motion manage card driver software program.
six, the instability of energy provide or by the jamming signal. The want to add stabilizer or eradicate interference signal.
7, the processing programming just isn’t right. At this point want to check and repair course of action.
eight, processing parameter setting is just not right. To set the appropriate processing parameters.

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