Laser cutting machine cutting precision and size error affected by what components?

Laser cutting machine cutting precision and size error impacted by what aspects?
Cutting accuracy is definitely an vital measure in the impact of laser cutting machine processing components, however the precision of laser cutting will not be completely depends on the device itself, but rather consists of several elements, mainly has the following various elements:
1, soon after focusing laser beam by the size of your light spot
Gathered after laser beam of light is smaller sized, the higher the cutting precision, particularly for smaller kerf width, the smallest flare as much as 0, 01 mm.
two, the workbench of precision decides the repetition of cutting precision
The workbench accuracy is larger, the greater the accuracy on the cutting.
3, the thickness in the workpiece, the higher the accuracy is reduce, the higher the kerf width.
Mainly because a laser beam to conical, kerf is tapered, the thickness of 0, 3 mm stainless steel is more than two mm smaller sized kerf width.
four, workpiece material had certain influence around the laser cutting accuracy.
Similar case, stainless steel than aluminum higher cutting precision, smooth some elements.

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