Laser cutting machine at the advent of ten years

Laser engraving machine cutting machine Cautions.Laser cutting machine at the advent of ten years, the rapid development in all sectors, be applied to all walks of life in jinan laser cutting machine manufacturers, reflected by customer and market research to understand the majority of customers usually only know how to use, for everyday use laser cutting machine maintenance, and use precautions, but know co2 laser cutting machine very little.

Correct use of laser cutting machine and do a good maintenance work, the customer can make handy to use, reduce the number can not solve the problems and security risks. The following jinan laser cutting machine manufacturers, to introduce laser engraving machine cutting machine precautions.

Do not grounded work boot machine, laser engraving and cutting machine all parts of the ground must be completely reliable to prevent static wounding.

1.each must check whether the water after power submersible pumps, such as no water is prohibited work boot.

2.moderate ensure recycled water temperature, water quality dry static free of debris (recommended with pure water). Periodic replacement of the co2 laser engraving machine circulating water (7 days).

3.with a special camera lens tissue or a mixture of medical cotton swab dipped in alcohol and ether wipe the mirror and focusing mirror. (Ether and alcohol, a mixing ratio of 1: 1)
CO2 laser engraver is very popular in all the world. It could be used in the factory, shops.

CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials, such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, resin, rubber, bamboo product, double color board, marble, paper and other non-metal materials.

4.carving must open the fan, in order to avoid contamination of the lens and the focusing lens.

5.Do not place near flammable laser machine equipment, when explosive materials, machine work, you must cover the top of the machine to prevent the laser beam deviation cover fire or injury. the machine during operation, the operator prohibit unauthorized leave, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

Do not disassemble the machine non-professionals, in order to avoid accidents.

1.device is Laser engraver for sale prohibited to place any reflective objects irrelevant to prevent laser direct reflection on the human body or flammable substances, dangerous.

2.ban the boot when the voltage is unstable, or you must use the regulator.

11 untrained personnel to prohibit the use of laser engraving machine.

12 in the machine during operation, the operator has to always observe the operation of the machine (eg: Crochet whether the paper shop blown high pump laser blocking machine abnormal sounds, circulating water temperature, etc.).

13 machines the environment pollution-free, strong electric, magnetic and other interference and influence.

14 hours of continuous working time machine not more than 5 metal laser cutting machine hours (halfway need to rest more than half an hour).

15 non-power-meter maximum state, in order to avoid the breakdown of laser power.

16 Laser basic limit power usage (ie ammeter can not exceed 20mA)

17 If the machine malfunctions or fire off immediately. The above article, you must be strictly adhered to, to avoid personal injury or damage to the machine.

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