Laser cutting machine and ion cutting machine which is good

As is known to all, now leave child cutting machine in cutting and laser cutting machine market application is very wide, there are a lot of customers in the struggle, what to buy which good? Now let’s give everyone under analysis:
First of all, according to the cutting result and cutting costs, we prefer to buy the laser cutting machine.
Ion cutting machine is relatively early cutting equipment, principle is the use of high temperature plasma arc quantity of heat to make products of incision for partial melting, at the same time with the aid of high-speed momentum to exclude the molten part of plasma, so as to achieve the cutting effect. Compared with the laser cutting machine, ion cutting follow-up, processing costs far more, is now gradually “decline”.
Laser cutting machine is a combination of plasma and laser technology, cutting processing industry is one of the most advanced cutting equipment. It don’t need to open mould machining process, only need to design to design on the computer, and then press the start button, you want what kind of products can make what kind of products. And the cut surface is very smooth without burr. And laser cutting machine processing speed is fast, just 20 seconds can add a picture of the shoe, and the processing effect is very good.

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