Laser cutting: cutting accuracy is very high cutting speeds influenced by the material

Common laser cutting way what.Common way of cutting flame cutting, plasma cutting, laser cutting, punching, wire cutting and water jet cutting. I often receive telephone advice like this, “I want to cut 8MM stainless steel cutting materials, cutting water do not know good or cutting with a laser good?” This question, I do not want to give a very subjective answer, then common cutting centralized way, to have a more intuitive merchants objective comparison.

Laser cutting: cutting accuracy is very high cutting speeds influenced by the material. Generally only 25mm or less cutting material, large equipment investment costs, suitable for high-volume processing.

Water cutting: cutting accuracy is very high, but the cutting speed is very slow. Not suitable for processing large quantities of products. Investment cost of the equipment is relatively large.

Plasma cutting: cutting precision nice but there are co2 laser cutting machine insufficient cutting speed quickly, but excessive consumption of materials. Usually suitable for processing large quantities of material. High investment cost of the equipment is not an advantage.

Flame cutting: cutting precision in general, cutting speed is very slow, but can be multiple segments simultaneously cutting, suitable for high-volume processing. Investment costs are the lowest.

Co2 laser cutting machine.CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly included medium size laser machines which can both engrave and cut on most of non metal materials, Laser engraver for sale such as acrylic, wood, leather, plastic, paper, pvc, double color board, mdf, textile, glass, marble etc.

But for glass and marble, laser machines can only engrave on surface of them instead of cut.

Punch: only suitable for very few types of large quantities of cutting. Thick materials can not be processed. Too restrictive, although the cost of inputs is low, but not recommended.

Shears: only straight cut thick material and can not be processed.

So these are several ways to compare the cutting can be seen punching and shearing of the product is already eliminated. Water cut too restrictive. Leaving only the flame, plasma and laser cutting, cutting part of the three thermal cutting. These three methods applied to a wide range of cutting has been widely used in the processing of steel materials industry.

Use of laser cutting equipment
The principle of laser cutting machine co2 laser engraving machine is a laser beam generated by a laser, through the transmission of a series of mirrors, and finally focused by the focusing mirror to the workpiece surface, resulting in local temperature at the intersection, so that the workpiece is heated to melt or vaporize instantaneously pad formed kerf.

While in the process of cutting the cutting slag B auxiliary gas is blown joints, and ultimately achieve the purpose of cutting.

Laser cutting applications mainly in sheet-based, cutting a very wide range of materials, metal laser cutting machine mainly divided into metal and non-metal cutting cutting.

Because the direction of the laser has a high, high brightness, high strength and other characteristics, so the laser cutting speed, high precision machining, slotting very narrow, generally without subsequent processing.

In summary, laser cutting machine in terms of cutting material, broader, higher cutting accuracy. Use cost cheaper.

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