laser cutter

laser cutter quality is affected by a variety of factors comprehensive influence, In order to obtain the ideal cutting quality. Each cutting

parameters are limited in a narrow range, Still it can only rely on repeated tests under different conditions for reasonable cutting parameters,Not only

time-consuming and laborious, And can’t  cutting process of disturbance factors and a response.

How in different cutting conditions quickly find the optimal cutting parameters on cutting process and the stability is very important. Therefore, A will in

the research of laser cutting quality on-line detection and real-time control method.

High quality laser cutting the main index is no cutting defects and cut surface roughness value is small, So the real-time detection of the target should be

able to identify cutting defects and can detect reflect the cut surface roughness of information,To obtain the roughness of the most important information,

the difficulty is the largest also.
On the cut surface roughness detection, important research results is found that cutting front optical signal pulse spectrum of basic frequency is equal to

the cut surface cutting stripe frequency, and cutting stripe frequency and roughness related, so using photocell detected radiation signal and the cut

surface roughness connected. This method is characteristic of the testing equipment and signal processing system is simple, detection and processing speed.
Further study showed that cutting front optical signal main frequency and cutting face of the consistency of the stripe frequency is limited to small cutting

speed range, more than a certain when the cutting speed, the main frequency signal disappears, already can’t find with on the cutting fringe in relation to

any information.

Therefore, only by cutting front of optical radiation intensity signal limitations is larger, the normal cutting speed to get valuable cutter surface

roughness information, especially near the lower edge roughness information.
And use visual wei sensor at the same time monitoring cutting didn’t along and fire inflorescence shot image, Can obtain the cutting defects and cut surface

roughness more comprehensive more abundant information. Especially by cutting seam bottom jet out fire inflorescence shot, And the cut surface lower edge

quality status with the more close relationship, Is a cutting plane lower edge roughness important information source.
The extraction of laser cutter front optical signal spectrum and the main frequency, only with cutting surface cutting fringe related department, do

not reflect the lower cutting stripe, get is not the most valuable information. Because the general cut surface (very thin plate cutting in addition to

place) points upper and lower two parts, upper cut stripe tidy, fine, roughness small; The lower cutting stripe disorder, roughness, the more the more rough,

on the lower edge of roughness to nearly maximum.
And the detection signal reflects only the best quality of the area, and it does not reflect the lower quality is poor, More do not reflect the worst of the

lower edge near the quality of information, It as a cutting quality evaluation and control basis is not reasonable,it is not reliable.

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