Know the four fiber laser marking machine respective

One, pulse fiber laser marking machine
Pulse laser is called quasi continuous laser, pulse generates the MS level, 10% duty cycle. This makes the pulse laser with a peak power of more than ten times higher than the continuous laser, for drilling applications is very favorable. According to the pulse repetition frequency modulation can be up to 500Hz.

Two, mode-locked fiber laser marking machine
In a mode-locked fiber laser marking machine, double frequency depends on the length of the gain medium, the pulse width depends on the gain bandwidth. You can obtain the shortest pulse width is about 50fs, the typical duration of 100fs. Can enlarge the system and external by oscillator of chirped pulse amplification and pulse compression produces shorter pulse.

Three, Q fiber laser fiber laser marking system marking machine
Pulse width modulation Q fiber laser marking machine between ns level to ms level, the fiber is long, the output pulse width. Because the core cross-sectional area is small, the nonlinear effect is obvious, which limits the peak power improvement. Can obtain higher peak power through traditional ear Q switch, also can be used for fiber optic Q switch and the end face weld access.

Four, continuous fiber laser marking machine
Continuous fiber laser marking machine can be single mode, can also be a multimode. High quality laser beam mode generated can be widely used in material field and atmospheric transport, and the multi industrial laser with high power. If the application does not need to produce a very high power density, then the total high power multimode will be an advantage. For example for the heat treatment of cutting and welding.

Everyone in the use of fiber laser marking machine need special attention
Fiber laser marking machine is fiber laser marker with the laser beam in marking the surfaces of different materials on permanent. Effect of marking is exposed deep substance through surface evaporation, thus carved exquisite patterns, trademarks, date, LOGO or text, but in the use of fiber laser marking machine should pay attention to several of the following items.

1, in the process of operation, should avoid laser irradiation to the eyes, so as not to hurt the eyes;

2, before the start, must start the cooling water, otherwise it will damage the laser system;

3, the fiber laser marking machine stop marking, the fiber laser marking machine pump should be run for a few minutes, the laser cooling;

4, in addition to debug output energy, size and the optical path, troubleshooting should cut off the power of;

5, cooling system failure, not to start work, if you insist on work, will influence the fiber laser marking machine cooling;

6, cooling system if there is Water Leakage phenomenon, should identify the reasons, plugging the rear boot, water hose does not allow bending, clogging;

7, when the electrode was found near the krypton lamp serious black, fiber laser marking there may be a krypton lamp service life to the limit, you should replace the krypton lamp, replacement of krypton lamp shall be recorded;

8, in the hot weather season, the use of high frequency, every two weeks should be replaced once a cooling water. In the low temperature season, every three weeks should be replaced once the cooling water, and for the record;

Security is one of the most important parts in industrial production, so in the operation of fiber laser marking machine, whether novice or is skilled want to comply with the above several matters, and strive to put safety first. Need to pay attention to the above is the operation of fiber laser marking machine place, hope to be able to help you.

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