Jinan wood cnc router machine to teach you how to handle the machine noise

Jinan wood cnc router machine to teach you how to handle the machine noise

Wood wood CNC router machine at work project, the noise generated is normal, what machines will produce noise, but nothing sounds different sizes, Lee Jinan cnc router machine to tell you, woodworking cnc router machine noise can be reduced and according to its failure to predict the size of the noise that occur.

cnc router machine, stepper motor will pause at every step, there is the noise generated is normal; sometimes at a certain frequency, and the cnc router machine will produce the body resonance, to convey a clear noise, such noise is not affect the normal use of the machine. But sometimes one of this noise should arouse our attention, otherwise it will affect the normal production!
Two sources of wood cnc router machine:

First, an abnormal noise spindle motor is running. Such noise generation, proof spindle bearing internal quality problems or spindle bearing life has come to decline in the quality or worn or damaged, then you can consider replacing.

Second, an abnormal noise axial walking. Such phenomenon is more present in the X-axis. Multi-axial motor bearing damage or lack of lubrication X axis rails, too dirty, too tight, ball wear, ball drop, etc., must be treated promptly clean refueling.

Jinan cnc router machine Master Li remind everyone must take seriously the noise problem.

How to solve the driver problem of interference wood cnc router machine

Driver interference wood cnc router machine cnc router machine has become the most serious at work, a problem, a serious impact on the efficiency of the machine, wood cnc router machine Jinan several measures to improve on this driver problem:

First, the use of shielded cables outside interference mitigation for their, or their own (power line) outside interference.
Second, install power filters, reducing AC power pollution.
Third, try to increase the control lines and power lines (L, N), away from the motor drive line (U, V, W) between to CNC router machine avoid cross. For example, we are dealing with two dual-axis drive system in the same chassis drive installation position, a forward drive nameplate after another in the direction of, and in the structural arrangement of these leads as short as possible.

Fourth, “a little ground” principle. The mains filter, the drive PE (ground) (drive and chassis floor insulation), and the direction of the control pulse PULSE- DIR- short pulse lead after the motor ground wire cable between the drive and the motor protective cover, drive shielded lines are connected to the grounding screw on the chassis wall and ask good contact.

General woodworking cnc router machine stepper motor and drive housing did not use aluminum, titanium, magnesium alloy casing magnetically shielded, so the sensitivity of the receiver system cause interference, it can not work, wood carving cnc router machine and pollution power, resulting in the control system of microcontroller and PC can not communicate, causing serious microcontroller crash, caused difficulties for normal use, so the interference problem must be addressed.

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