It is understood that the current application of wood cnc router machine

How to apply trend of wood cnc router machine?It is understood that the current application of wood cnc router machine in the furniture industry, door industry enterprises has become a trend of strong, and has gradually become the mainstream, as a result of wood cnc router machine instead of the workers, cost savings, wood CNC router machine while improving processing speed, processing quality, so rapid has been widely used and developed at least several hundreds of wood cnc router machine brand.

With the increasing development of engraving machine technology, its influence has gradually expanded from the initial advertising industry to a number of industries, including furniture, doors, decoration industry is become wood cnc router machine comes in.

I believe that in the near future, wood cnc router machine furniture factory will become the standard configuration of the doors of businesses.
What wood cnc router machine control is

wood cnc router machine control can now be divided into three types:

A, using USB port to transfer data, the system has more than 32M of memory. Just save the file, you can right away completely from the computer, turn off the computer or other typesetting.This approach greatly improves the efficiency of engraving machines.

B, all operations done by the computer controlled engraving machine at work when the computer is in working condition, can not be other typesetting work, this may cause a computer malfunction caused by waste.

C, using SCM control, but this controller can work in engraving machine layout, but can not turn off the computer, which is in fact equivalent to savings of a computer, computer misuse and reduce waste caused.

\wood cnc router machine vacuum pump is not how to do this how to solve

If you have wood cnc router machine table does not adsorb, no suction pump does not turn or reverse, you should refer to the following issues to resolve:

1. countertops or pipe leakage phenomenon dressing;

2. Reversible motor wood carving cnc router machine UVW swap any two lines change motor direction.

3. Is the motor circuit voltage is normal;
Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B mainly used for 3d works. Like wood furniture, wood door, wood cabinet, pvc board, acrylic sheets etc.

Wood cnc router machine MT-C25B equipment:

(1) 1300X2500mm work size, stepper

(2) 4.5KW water cooling spindle

(3) DSP hand controller( easy to learn and operate)

(4)Rack gear transmission, Z ball screw

(5) Taiwan imported square orbit, oiling systerm

(6) 6 zones vacuum table and T-slot

(7) Two bags dust collector and 5.5KW vacuum pump

(8) Ucancam V9 software

The circulation pump is adding less water, whether or not to remove the motor stuck rusted motor fan safety net rotation axis;

5. vacuum to clean clogged filter inside;

How the winter maintenance engraving machine

wood cnc router machine winter maintenance tips:
5, lubrication methods:

Y-axis: lubrication is simple, relatively easy to clean up oil on both sides of the rail and the bottom screw from the bracket oiling can also enter part it is easier to maintain.

Remove the screws around the X axis needs, lift one end of the shroud, (Note: The line on the left side to relax reinstituted) on the right side completely open to mention the mixed oil injection into the rails, screw, bearing to the right place as well thrust bearing at the head of the screw.

To open the cover of the Z-axis, screw, rails, bearing bottom thrust bearing is very clear, CNC router machine at this time to do the work as follows: Note down the running mix oil lubrication.

When triaxial lubricate the hexagon wrench available within the hexagonal screw coupling between the motor shaft and tighten the screw head on, to prevent part of the three-axis due to mechanical loosening caused by dislocation.

1. Select the lubricating substance: a mix of oil and butter, and easy too thick.

2, lubricated part:. Xyz-axis screw light bars.

3, lubrication steps: pre-lubricated first screw, nut and bearing rails above the impurities removed if removal can not afford to be used to clean gasoline, lubricating oil after the injection and then gradually increase walking speed were empty, which hold plates, triaxial adjust.

4, lubrication cycle: as the working environment and working time machine, and generally for every day after work to clean out debris. Monthly various parts of fuel, high-speed idling lubrication.

wood cnc router machine during use should always clean up impurities, lubricating grease, otherwise wood cnc router machine work in the long term there will be a lot of dust into the screw, rails, bearings inside the screw, bearing large rotation resistance may occur engraving speed a little snapshot into a lost step dislocation phenomenon.

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