it is much cheaper than the common laser machines

Laser engraving machine fault

Fault laser engraving machine can roughly be divided into several parts.
One is the motion control part. Most frequently is not reset, this phenomenon is generally bad limiter. Replace the can. The co2 laser engraver second is the unstable operation, observe whether need oiling, belt tightness how.

Two. Is the software fault. Some because the windows computer poisoning, reinstall the software is not correct. Or software conflict with each other and cause. This problem can be contacted via Yiming laser, remote assistance can solve the problem.

The three part is the laser, which is also part of laser engraving machine failure frequency part of the most. A due to improper use of customers caused, such as summer weather is hot water is easy to heat, this requires water cooling machine, it can make water to maintain a certain temperature, the attenuation without laser generation lifetime. In the winter the customer replacement of antifreeze is not timely, resulting in endless rupture phenomenon of laser tube. B is the requirement of voltage power supply of laser laser cutting bed is very sensitive, wood laser engraving machine  so customers must be on the laser engraving machine is additionally provided with voltage regulator, because of continued instability in the easy to let the laser power supply failure.

Laser engraving machine carve solutions
Laser engraving machine appear chaotic moment problem how to deal with?

1, the modified file Is it right? Correctly.
2, computer operation Is it right? Correctly.
3, software and encryption card Is it right? Matching.
4, the selected policy Is it right? Beyond layout.
Around 5, Is it right? Magnetic field interference.
6, ground Is it right? Connected.
7, check the limit switch (Guang Ou) induction of iron is not reasonable device, limit switch can not detect.
8, check the limit switch (Guang Ou) is not a signal line is connected well.
9, the limit switch (Guang Ou) damage and needs replacement.
10, mechanical system parameter setting fault formation.

Acrylic laser engraving is our new machine design, it is much cheaper than the common laser machines. It is very practical.

There is no electric up down table with this laser engraver, but it was equipped with both honey comb work table and aluminum knife work table. So it suitable for both hard and soft non metal materials. As we are developing its market recently, this laser machine is on sale.

Laser engraving machine interfere with how to do

Laser engraving machine for high laser power supply, such as the high pressure end without handle, or machine wire no good will appear interference phenomenon, after laser engraving machine with interference, sometimes not computer and laser engraving machine normal connection, will appear the phenomenon of communication timeout. Below small make up to old and new customers to talk about how to eliminate electrostatic interference laser engraving machine

1. The machine must be reasonable ground connection, the equipment of laser carving machine co2 laser engraving machine back have ground interface, connect one end of the opening, the other end in outdoor humid place, the nail into a about a meter or so of iron rods, and the other end is connected to. Such as equipment in buildings above, can be connected to the metal radiator can be. To guarantee reliable connection.

2 computer itself is static, also need to be reliable grounding for computer, computer and laser engraving machine is transmitted by USB, three kinds of interface scheme of the company to provide equipment, cable interfaces faster transmission speed. Smaller interference.

3 laser power to the laser tube middle as possible without joint. And joints to handle. Otherwise, high pressure discharge on the metal box, this kind of phenomenon is very dangerous. Please acrylic laser engraving customers must pay more attention to. Laser engraving machine high pressure line and connection of laser tube must ensure firm connection. The connection is not good after discharge, also can appear the fault laser tube

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