I’d never keep a goldfish in a bowl.

Ozone can irritate and damage tissue in the lungs, nose and throat, and can make breathing hard, especially if you exercise outdoors during its peaks. Watch for ozone and other air quality alerts in your newspaper, TV and radio weathercasts. During alerts, jog in parks away from auto traffic, when possible.
Aside from examining the human body, NIR can also be used to examine the most distant things known by humankind. Near infrared rays can be used to examine how the atmospheres of cool stars behave. Through NIR technology, astronomers can determine a star’s age, spectral type, mass, and even chemical composition by looking for signatures from certain substances.
Following the required time, about a few hours, the gear is transferred to a more conventional heat treatment. Typical materials subjected to this process include low carbon steels, with 0.1-0.3 percent carbon, and the depth of hardening is typically limited to 0.050 inch or less. Induction. Smaller parts that can be flame hardened may be hardened through induction.
I’d never keep a goldfish in a bowl. They grow way too big (Over a foot for the feeder/common/comet ones, eight inches and up for fancies, and they don’t “stop growing” to the tank size without causing serious health problems) and they’re some of the biggest waste producers in the fish world. I feel sad when people think they’re successful for keeping a goldy alive for a month, when their normal lifespan is ten to twenty years. My two fantails are in a twenty gallon tank, and they really should be in a thirty, with the fancy goldfish rule of 20G for the first fish and 10G for each after that (Comets need 55 gallons for the first fish). Do whatever you want, but use water conditioner for fish (Tetra and Prime are good ones) and always have a filter, unless you want to do daily water changes. At best, you’ll get a year or two, but its more likely they’ll last a couple months or weeks. For a bowl, you’re better off with a betta, cherry shrimp, or a guppy, all of which much less trouble than a goldfish.
Another major advantage of NIR spectroscopy is its affordability. People can conduct extensive spectroscopic analysis in a relatively affordable price compared to MRI scanning and other spectroscopic methods. Furthermore, near infrared light can penetrate a lot deeper than infrared light, so scanning objects and chemicals at a much larger scale is possible with near infrared reflectance.
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