How to save the cutting nozzle electrode CNC plasma cutting machine?

How to save the cutting nozzle electrode CNC plasma cutting machine?

 In use process, CNC plasma cutting machine cutting nozzle and more frequent consumption of electrode is replaced. Under normal circumstances, a set of the service life of the electrode nozzle for three to four hours, many users in order to reduce cost, the purchase price is low, inferior quality of the electrode and nozzle, adding the cutting nozzle loss in the process of using, easily burned cutting torch, and uncertainty of safe hidden trouble, do not recommend users to use.

1, improper cutting operation. Such as cutting the steel plate cutting nozzle distance too close (generally 100 a plasma cutting nozzle distance when the size of the steel plate is generally not less than 3 ~ 8 mm), external input voltage is too high or unstable, cutting gas pressure is too big or too small, and so on.

2, with the electrode nozzle and cutting torch is appropriate? Nozzle aperture choose whether to match with the cutting plate thickness? That sell on the market at present, the cutting nozzle and the electrode manufacturer is numerous, generic products, with some international companies are in the process of its generic, nozzle and the size of the electrode control may have deviation. Therefore, when the choose and buy should pay attention to and the burning torch with matches. In addition, different diameter of nozzle, the suitable cutting thickness is different, too. Before the start of the CNC cutting machine cutting work, therefore, should choose to match the cutting ability and cutting plate cutting nozzle and electrode.

3 CNC flame cutting machine, as long as in view of the large plate, and plasma cutting the workpiece material, thickness and cutting process and cutting route and so on all affect the service life of the cutting nozzle and the electrode. Cutting ordinary carbon steel, stainless steel, in general, less consumption of electrode materials, such as the nozzle, when cutting non-ferrous metal material consumption (such as copper, aluminum, etc.); In about 10 mm plate cutting thickness is the province of nozzle, the cutting thickness, the greater the electrode nozzle consumption also is larger; In addition, the perforation cutting (inside the plate cutting) electrode nozzle than when edge cutting consumption is bigger also.


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