How to be a pattern of laser engraving and cutting machine typesetting

How to be a pattern of laser engraving and cutting machine typesetting

Laser cutting machine is the use of laser technology and computer technology as one of the automation equipment, as opposed to the traditional engraving and cutting, more efficient and more accurate. Is the use of traditional carving knife cutting saws and other tools to work, first on the workpiece to be machined products to draw a pattern, and then saw carving knife cutting, this project is not only time consuming, but can easily result in wasted material. Laser engraving machine cutting machine is controlled using a computer program, first with the computer graphic design, designed as parameters, and then through the output on the workpiece machined products, accurate, efficient, and will not cause waste materials.

Laser cutting machine during machining, the pattern layout of particular importance. How can we do the best layout design?

1, the selection of the direction of the pattern is particularly important. Although the format laser cutting machine designs are rectangular, but during processing, typesetting must remain the longest contour direction and the X-axis in the same direction, wood laser engraving machine so as to cut out the best pattern carving products.

2, using computer typesetting and layout man “combined” method. When a computer-designed graphics rectangular or other shapes can be artificially layout design as needed to achieve the best engraving and cutting state.

CO2 laser engraver is very popular in all the world. It could be used in the factory, shops.

CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials, such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, resin, rubber, bamboo product, double color board, marble, paper and other non-metal materials.
How to care for laser engraving machine

Use of laser engraving machine, be sure to pay attention to its regular maintenance and cleaning. How to laser cutting machine maintenance, are issues that customers are more concerned co2 laser engraving machine about the purchase of the machine. If you pay attention to the maintenance of the machine used in the process of the machine which will give carving affect the quality of  the machine, will also affect the life of the machine. For the maintenance of laser engraving machine is mainly from the following aspects:

1, laser engraving machine fan cleaning. Laser engraving machine long period of use, will make many fans deposited solids such as dust, prone to great noise, is not conducive to green energy, is not conducive to the exhaust and odor. So we have to clean the fan.

2, the optical path of the inspection. The quality of the light path will directly affect the effectiveness of laser engraving, therefore, co2 acrylic laser engraving laser engraver to the operation of the light path before the machine checks to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

3, depending on the geographical laser engraving machine for different maintenance. Laser engraving machine working environment is particularly important, such as weather factors also have an impact on laser engraving machine, and therefore, according to real-time weather and other climatic factors, laser engraving machine to make proper maintenance.

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