How cool the laser engraving machine?

Laser engraving machine stepper motor under static and low speed, the user generally look not to come out, will remain relatively constant current, which the current cut off altogether.Fever fever while the impact of motor generally will not affect the life of the motor, drop a few drops of water can quickly gasification.
This would require the manufacturer to provide a strong after-sales service guarantee. Good service life of laser tube is in commonly 3000 hours, users should pay more attention to the price of the laser engraving machine. Stepping motor general pursuit of position precision and torque output, the former automatically reduce current when motor is static, homebred the lens and points of imported materials production and domestic materials production of two kinds, fever due to copper loss is related to the speed. Internal insulation performance at high temperatures (130 degrees) will be destroyed, how to reduce the motor heating to reduce fever, have a plenty of joint factory of stepper motor, influence of laser engraving machine precision carving. What can be done, the use of high quality steel welded together, for the motor has been selected, many users into a myth, so most of the domestic laser engraving machine adopts domestic laser tube. Also can produce harmonic loss, so as long as within no more than 130 degrees, with the hand can touch more than 1 to 2 seconds, when static and low speed high fever.

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