From the CNC machine tool industry in general, industry core competitiveness is not strong

From the CNC machine tool industry in general, industry core competitiveness is not strong

First, technical innovation ability is insufficient

1, enterprise basic research, technology research and new product development input, directly influence the innovation ability raise.

2, poor ability of independent development of products, key parts imported, to introduce advanced foreign technology digestion and absorption, lack of innovation and improve the work.

3, scientific and technological personnel cannot meet the demand of industry development, especially the lack of technical leaders. Scientific research and production, design and manufacturing, new product development with the user personalized needs three disjointed phenomenon, directly affects the development of new products and the improvement of enterprise technology innovation ability.

The second, the industrialization level is not high

1, industrial structure is not reasonable. Basically be professional level is not high; High-end product development is slow, the market share is low; Mid-range products have certain production, but the competitiveness is not strong; CNC machine tool feature development lags behind, which seriously restricts the development of home-made CNC machine.

2, economies of scale and efficiency compared with the developed countries still have larger gap. Production ChangDian overmuch, production efficiency is low, profitability is poor.

3, process equipment, old and basic manufacturing technology lag behind. Industry equipment numerical control rate for an average of only 2-3%. The original production of ordinary machine tool equipment used for batch production of CNC machine tools, the precision, efficiency and reliable Taiwan CNC machine tool is difficult to meet the use requirement, hinder the improvement of the level of industrialization.

The third, comprehensive service ability is not strong

1, service system is not sound, full service capability is not strong, in terms of market development, the complete set of service there are larger gap.

2, the old management model and management mechanism to adapt to the modern service system, quick reaction ability is poor, ability to use information technology to improve enterprise basic management has larger difference

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