For wood cnc router machine maintenance

Wood cnc router machine parts lubrication knowledge.For wood cnc router machine maintenance, research wood CNC router machine experts have a few ideas: Notice cleanup schedule and machine parts lubrication, wood cnc router machine is in use, there will be quite a lot of dust and impurities into, resulting in a large screw drive bearing resistance. The key to our need for wood cnc router machine related components for lubrication:

(1) wood cnc router machine lubrication: X, Y, Z-axis screw, light pole.

(2) wood cnc router machine lubricating composition: a mixture of oil and butter, and easy too thick.

(3) engraving machine lubrication cycle: Depending on the work environment and the machine working time, usually after work every day to clean out CNC router machine debris. Monthly various parts of fuel, high-speed idling lubrication.

(4) wood cnc router machine lubrication methods: When triaxial lubricated, available within the hexagonal wrenches six anti-screw coupling between the motor shaft and tighten the screw head on, because the mechanical parts to prevent loosening and triaxial cause dislocation.

(5) wood cnc router machine lubrication steps: lubricated before the first screw, nut and bearing rails above the impurities removed if removal can not afford to be used to clean gasoline, and then gradually increase after the injection of the lubricant were idling speed that hold the plate, the run-axis.
Is timeless artistic value engraving machine

Wood CNC router machine

Wood CNC router machines are high performance and high precision on wood cutting,wood engraving. CNC machines for wood are more popular wood carving cnc router machine with our customers. Our woodworking CNC router are attractive in price and quality in the market now.

The traditional hand-carved can not meet the needs of the industry, so only the emergence of engraving machines. Traditional hand-carved some very obvious flaws, such as high efficiency, production risk, waste materials, reliance on subjective awareness of the serious and so on. Engraving machine due to the high efficiency, low risk, save material, to a large extent compensate for the shortcomings of hand-carved, it will be gradually recognized by the industry.

The biggest advantage is easy to copy engraving machine, able to maximize production efficiency, but at the same time, this is the biggest disadvantage engraving machine is easy to duplicate work. This requires designers to constantly changing design ideas, in order to have new styles and works.

Since there is no gap between different processes, people would ask why is hand-carved sculpture or machine? Why is the time when you hear the machine engraved people have different reactions? People are not hand-carved soft spot for it? the answer is no.

When people see an exquisite sculpture when it is what attracts them? Sculptures production process is it? Obviously not, is the sculpture itself, the artistic charm to attract them. Therefore, companies should be thinking about how to enhance the artistic value. The collectors are more concerned with the heart and spirit of enjoyment. To sum up the artistic value of the engraving machine is not in its own, but it has the ability to create more art and be able to maximize the popularity of art.

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