For ultrashort pulse laser engraving cutting machining

The basic theory of laser engraving and cutting machine materials processing
Ultrashort pulse (lOOfs) laser engraving cutting, home laser engraving machine is the use of pulse energy to the surface atoms from a material force “pull” out of reach etch processing. We know, from the solid material “pull” out of an atom, a basic condition to be met are: the energy of the incident must be greater than the binding energy of the atoms.

For ultrashort pulse laser engraving cutting machining, in before “pull” the atom to atom undergoing rapid ionization process. For example, when 100 laser cutting machine laser pulse intensity exceeds 10 \ 13W / cm2 when, for any materials, before the end of the pulse will be ionized. During the pulse rise, laser cutting machine, laser-induced multiphoton ionization produces free electrons, the laser cutting to obtain a high enough kinetic energy away from the surface of the material being ionized atoms electromechanical field after rapid acceleration.

When the electrostatic potential (charge separation field) of these free electrons and ions of the material over the surface of the binding energy of the atom, the atom is “pull  ‘the surface of the material. Thus, the entire pulse period, the material forming the surface layer of the plasma formation of plasma containing electron energy needs through the distribution function to describe the time, compared with Maxwell distribution equilibrium plasma is much more complex.

When the material is binding energy (band gap energy, potential energy band gap) is much larger than a single-photon pulse energy, that UI, hw, describing heat conduction electron impact ionization and electron distribution function N (e, t) by the Fokker-Planck equation OK: where, e is the electron kinetic energy, the kinetic energy at a time art e a d + the number of electrons is given by N (e, Yi) d ; the second term portable laser engraving machine prices represents the left side of the equation due to the Joule heat, the non-phonon changes in electron distribution caused by elastic scattering and electron energy spread.

Joule heating rate of electrons by the following formula: where, Es (t) for laser cutting mechanical and electrical field strength. AC conductivity type material, electrons in the conduction band, m * is the effective mass of electrons in the conduction band; t (e) is the amount of electron phonon transport (momentum) is related to the scattering rate, ie ym (e) a 1 / t (e), and the electronic energy related. May be (6-25) is rewritten into vibration energy of the free electrons, the unit is eV; effective collision frequency of the electrons and the lattice.

Laser cutting machine laser beam used in micro
Laser cutting machine laser beam can be focused to a very small, so small parts microscopic adjustments are possible. And on the processing of these parts far beyond the reach of human. Laser engraving cutting machine parts processing lOum dimensions around can be achieved. This is a laser alignment and adjustment of industrial in microelectronics, micro-mechanical devices and micro-optics and optimize production conditions resigned to open new possibilities.

In order to change the bending angle of small parts made different proposals and has been implemented. Laser engraving machine calibration point heat relay mechanism is an example of an application. Laser cutting machine Non-contact spring with a certain position to desktop laser engraving machine  form a closed loop. Under the action of the laser pulse, the contact spring continuously curved until it loses the connection with the fixed contact point. This moment can be measured by a simple resistor, the use of this method allows for fine position of the contact spring so that the completion of the relay function,

In the above-mentioned method is extremely useful in many fields. In addition, the laser engraving technique can also be used for in-plane correction, for example, by adjusting the passage of the part or parts without changing their bending plane position. This idea is still in the basic research and development in the state.

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