Enhance the core competitiveness of CNC plasma cutting machine four points

Enhance the core competitiveness of CNC plasma cutting machine four points

To enhance the core competitiveness of CNC plasma cutting machine, must be the new products to break through the existing technical bottlenecks, improve the production efficiency, strengthen technology control machine improvement. The specific ways to start to do from the following several aspects.

1. Improve the quality of aluminium rods melt

Part of the CNC cutting machine production enterprises, because of fused cast enough attention to product quality, extrusion production processes product quality problems, quality of ingot casting cause of often account for about 50%. And combined with all the fire effect, influence on the extrusion speed about 70%. According to the numerical control observation, the majority of CNC cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine manufacturer of casting workshop process control was not too ideal, melt refining effect is bad, how to prevent secondary pollution of the melt after the furnace problem not cause enough attention.

2. China’s energy shortage is not in the near future can ease, as a result, new product development to around the energy saving of this theme. CNC cutting machine aspects mainly has two aspects: one is the development of numerical control system, in the context of the current situation, the popularity is a kind of inevitable trend. But considering the current situation of the development of China’s economy, not all people could afford CNC cutting machine. Therefore, on the other hand is common CNC cutting machine structure optimization and improvement. At present many ordinary CNC cutting machine from the aspects of improve equipment performance, there are a lot of room for improvement in the structure, thus reducing the production cost.

3. Improve the level of the design of the CNC cutting machine, processing and manufacturing

Currently the vast majority of CNC cutting machine producers in China using puckering die extrusion, the application of porous mold is limited to small tonnage extruder production section profiles. For ordinary CNC cutting machine products, usually the output of a single product, batch number, so has the use of porous die extrusion conditions, this requires the innovation consciousness of CNC cutting machine designers and processing equipment and precision to a new level, so as to improve the efficiency of CNC cutting machine production.

4. The use of advanced extrusion process

In the optimization of die design and improving the effect of die material and surface treatment, on the basis of using the fire of high quality aluminum rods and rapid heating, can squeeze, the purpose of rapid low temperature in extruding outlet temperature is above 500 ℃, the temperature control in the low temperature range.

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