Engraving machine is a tool operation for a long time

Maintenance engraving machine Tidbits.Engraving machine is a tool operation for a long time, rarely stop, and the use of high intensity, for the engraving machine is a danger, therefore engraving machine on the need for maintenance.

To maintain good engraving machine, we must first understand the type of fault prone engraving machine, to be able to do wood carving cnc router machine maintenance engraving machines.

1. engraving machine overtravel alarm. This time, it shows run engraving machine has reached the limit position, and can no longer continue to run. Faced with this failure, we need to do is to check whether the design to be engraved exceeded the maximum range of engraving machine, or related accessories, etc. There are no loose screws, or coordinates value exceeds a predetermined Max. In overtravel time, only needs a manual mediation can make the smooth operation of engraving machine.

2. No alarm failure. The first step is to check out the cause of the malfunction engraving machine, because they do not know the exact location of the fault, it is necessary engraving machines from various parts of the installation is appropriate, whether it should start with a solid screws and other small parts, and then step by step to troubleshoot a specific fault reasons. If it is ruled out hardware failures later, you can manually restore the machine to a mechanical origin.

3. engraving failure. In the process of carving in the event of a fault, then you need to check whether it is because the screws loose causes, and to see whether it is the wrong path to their own operations, which leads to a failure to produce. Check whether the fault caused because the file is too large, through to identify the reasons for failure, you can quickly restore the machine to work properly.

Our wood carving cnc router machine is mainly used to make wood works, wood router machine can do both cutting and 3D engraving works which are widely used for wood door, furniture, kitchen ware, windows, wood cabinet etc

After treatment failure, for the engraving machine, the most important thing is a routine maintenance. Engraving machine every day at work more than 10 hours later, we must carry out a cooling process, and timely check whether the cooling water temperature standards. While maintaining the water of the cooling water.

Factors influencing carved layout

Carved in the use of time, it’s very important pattern. However, there are many factors affecting the main elements are the following.

1, the impact of the deployment of facilities activities
The same approach and activities constituting the workpiece surface, and the deployment of different activities, the pattern will be different. About the same pattern of deployment of an activity, because of the different arrangements and other construction methods of the tracks, but also will make the changing patterns in the deployment activities, normal should pay attention to the following points:

1, the workpiece measured weight and shape effects.

2, should be beneficial to improve the engraving machine rigidity, reduced footprint.

3, the mobile device should be light weight, the other in the opposite state of the environment, the less mobile component elements, the generator power and the required wood CNC router machine size of the drive member is also smaller.

4, should be beneficial to the progress of machining precision.

2, the surface affect movement.

Machined surfaces of different shapes often use different tools to process, so that the surface forming method and the number of different activities, and lead to differences in the pattern. Instead shape the machined surface of the workpiece because the skill requirements of productivity and eliminating the different requirements, it is possible to use different machines and different activities of the surface forming processing, thereby forming various patterns!

Seen as a member constituting the surface indirectly from the resolution of the the pattern of the way, is the decisive factor affecting the pattern. Therefore, when the pattern of facilities, it is necessary according to processing requirements, one-sided, comprehensive account of the surface of the workpiece constitute CNC router machine practices and activities, there is a good skill to economic performance woven pattern design.

Therefore, on the basis of the basic requirements of satisfaction on the overall pattern, but also the fundamental elements of the above considerations affect carved pattern.

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