engraving machine each time to pay attention to clean up after use

Engraving machine routine maintenance Guide.Laser engraving machine routine maintenance guide:

1. Laser engraving machine for continuous operation time per day should be less than 12 hours, while ensuring that the cooling water pump clean and working properly, rubber stamp making machine the water will not make the spindle motor water shortages occur, the timing of replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high. If the ambient temperature is too low winter work can be put into the cooling water inside the tank antifreeze.

2. engraving machine each time to pay attention to clean up after use, be sure to dust on the platform and drive clean, and regularly (weekly) on the transmission system (X, Y, Z-axis) Lubrication refueling. (Note: X, Y, Z-axis light rod with oil maintenance; screw part plus high-speed butter; winter if the operating ambient temperature is too low screw, rod section should be rinsed clean with gasoline, then add the oil, which will cause machine transmission parts resistance is too large and cause the machine dislocation).

3. engraving machine for electrical maintenance checks, be sure to cut off power supply when the monitor is blank and power indicator is off after the main circuit before proceeding.

4. engraving machine is not working properly, you may have problems of its internal components or rubber stamp laser engraving machine other reasons, the following recurring  problems generally of introduction.

(1). There are a triaxial engraving machine axes do not move, this time to check the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive is damaged. Check method is to use replacement Method: Fixed axis corresponding to the aviation unplug the drive is inserted in the other dynamic axes corresponding to the drive. If the exchange does not move normally drive shaft, the shaft can be explained by the corresponding drive is damaged, replace the drive. If you laser rubber stamp making machine still can not move it shows cable or motor is faulty, replace the cable or motor. Triaxial not move.

In this case check whether the triaxial plugs and control box connected, the control box is turned on. Whether the data cable and a control box and a computer host controller card connected. If the above are normal, then please contact the factory.
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(2) The spindle can not operate properly. First, check the error code LED display shows the drive (see the drive specification error code entry).

5. The spindle motor common faults and handling:
(1) Motor Check whether hot water circulation pump is working properly.
(2) Check the motor cable is boring Motor phase cable is short-circuited.
(3) The motor sounds abnormal motor is overloaded motor internal fault (please contact the factory).
(4) Check the motor cord motor reversal phase output UVW terminal ends of any exchange.
Laser engraving machine engraved chaos solutions

Laser engraving machine carve solution:

Engraving machine carving chaos most annoying thing, it is not suitable for advertisement or Z-axis engraving machine carving failure generally does not move without wasting sheet, and engraving machine carving chaos basically wasted a plate, it makes stamp laser making machine a lot of customers very angry. In fact, chaos engraved engraving machine engraving machine itself is generally not a quality issue, but due to improper operation caused come. To give you a better use of engraving machines, engraving and avoid chaos phenomenon, please do the following before carving preparations:

1. Check engraving machine control card is normal.
2. Use the engraving machine design software, check engraving file path is correct.
And electromagnetic disturbances around 3. Check whether the presence of engraving machine.
The exclusion of static interference.
5. drive failure or current breakdown is set incorrectly.
6. Before the official use of the engraving machine engraving, check the software settings problem.
7. engraving machine connected to a computer data lines are normal.
8. Check whether computer controlled engraving machine has a virus or a system problem
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