Engraving machine and laser marking machine engraving effect of contrast

Engraving machine and laser marking machine engraving effect of contrast

Engraving Range comparison: laser engraving machine engraving range, the same effect within the scope of any engraving, which greatly ensure the yield of the product; laser marking machine a bit lacking, destop laser engraver cutter machine not only marking range i small and large format engraving range i after both sides and in the middle there is a little contrast, so customers in the selection of products when a certain understanding of good, good contrast.

Laser engraving machine and laser marking machine working principle is the same, through high-strength laser beam machining, laser is not here with you recount the. Difference in the laser engraving machine is i walk the path, based on the coordinate system, through the front and rear X, Y, move around, to achieve the perfect combination with the laser beam; laser marking machine, they do not take the path directly galvanometer is at work, the efficiency of laser engraving machine a few times, but the only drawback is hobby laser engraver the small laser marking machine marking range, in the range of 100 * 100, as well as bigger, but expensive.
Carving strength is the unique advantages of laser engraving machine

When choosing laser engraving machine, engraving laser engraving machine for strength in terms of production, there is a special skill, because  the advantage with the strength to be able to top the carving industry has a certain place, and carved itself a kind application of multi-material, metal material when carving, laser engraving machine, if strong enough will cause engraved not deep, reach satisfactory results, even more likely, there is no trace in the material above, do not know who thought laser laser applications engraving machine does not support the metal material, so the intensity of the laser engraving an application in terms of self-products, but also relates to a trend in the industry, for the intensity of the laser engraving machine, generally have a particular intensity of the big, carving deeper depth of cut depth, scale laser equipment which can be used to control a computer console, range settings ranging from one percent to one hundred percent, because the industry involving each laser engraving machine is not the same.

Therefore it is possible to have a certain depth engraved range of resistance, in the choice of laser engraving machine engraving non-metallic materials with metal material is completely different, so you can know the parameters of the laser device settings themselves have not the same. However, for the advantage carved strength also many businesses choose to select laser engraving machine, and the general use of the product above other devices carvings done by hard soft laser engraving machine, only to meet such a device, so it be laser engraving machine the unique characteristics of desktop mini laser engraving machine it!

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