Efficient use of laser engraver machine

Efficient use of laser engraver machine
If you feel your own laser engraving machine has not played to its maximum effect, if you want your laser engraving machine becomes even more value for money, then carefully studying this article, it will let you learn how to make better use of laser engraving machine.

1. The ambient temperature should be in the range of 5-35 �� Special note: If you are using below freezing environment must be: (1) to prevent freezing of water circulating within the laser tube, water must be thoroughly shine after the shutdown (2) when switched laser current must be preheated five minutes or more to work in the rainy days and  humid environments laser power is even more warm-up time longer, really can add destop laser engraver cutter machine high pressure after humidity to prevent high voltage circuit breakdown.

2. away from the big power and strong vibration equipment, large electricity sudden disturbances sometimes cause machine failure, although rare, but should be avoided. Therefore, as a large welding machine, a giant blender and large power transmission equipment, etc. should be away. strong Motion devices are more self-evident, such as forging machines, vibration caused by walking and other motor vehicles up close, obviously shake the ground for precise carving is very unfavorable.

3. Maintain control of the stability of the PC Control PC control is mainly used for engraving equipment to use. In addition to the installation of the necessary graphic design software, please do the special plane. Since the installation of the card and the computer antivirus firewalls, will seriously affect the control machine speed. Please do not install antivirus firewall on the control unit, and if the card for data communication, disable the card before you start the laser engraving machine.

4. Maintenance of the fan: Fan at work for some time, fans and exhaust pipe can accumulate a lot of dust, the dust will affect the efficiency of the exhaust fan, causing a lot of smoke and dust can not be discharged maintenance methods: the exhaust pipe and fan connecting hose clamps loosen, hobby laser engraver remove the exhaust pipe, clean out the exhaust pipe and fan dust cycle: around January.

5. well grounded. Laser power, the machine bed must have a good grounding protection, ground applications of less than 4 dedicated ground. Necessity: (1) ensure the laser power is working properly, (2) to extend the service life of laser tube, and (3) to prevent the disturbance caused by the beating machine, (4) circuit prevents damage caused by high voltage discharge accidentally Special Recommendations: At net electrical instability of the region (such as voltage fluctuations of more than 5%), Please install a capacity of at least more than 3000W power supply to prevent sudden voltage fluctuations burned circuit or computer.

6. Cleaning and maintenance, good ventilation, ready to wipe the machine clean conservation, is a necessary condition for the machine to work properly. Machine Tool is a high precision core components, you must wipe clean after each job is completed, keep clean lubrication, desktop mini laser engraving machine each bearing but also regularly oiling, so as to make the drive flexible, precision machining, to extend the life of the machine.

7. The cooling water should flow, either with tap water or circulating pump, water flow must be maintained. Cooling water is taken away by the heat generated by the laser tube, the higher the temperature, the lower the light output power (in 15-20 �� temperature is better ), when the laser cavity without water due to heat accumulation caused by burst pipe end, or even damage the laser power, so always check whether the cooling water flow is essential, when hard water pipe break (dead corner) or off, even when the water pump failure and must be repaired in order to avoid power loss and even cause equipment

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