Don’t buy any hobby laser before reading this

hobby laserIf you’re looking for a hobby laser cutter or engraver then you’ll want to read these money and headache saving tips first.
I’ve been down the hobby laser road a few times on both the importing and recently purchasing domestic. What may seem straight forward and clear can be surprising to say the least.
I am not about to beat up any company specifically but, if you heed this advice I’ve experienced and picked up from others along the way you should save yourself some trouble for sure.
Top 10 Hobby Laser Buying Tips:

Review the laser company first then their machines. Work with companies at least 1 year old
Typically hobby lasers priced under $2,500 will make you wish you spent more later
Dont import any hobby laser…or any laser machine for that matter on your own
Only buy a hobby laser on Ebay if you’re single or wanting to learn Chinese.
Dont build your own ‘DIY’ hobby laser
Before buying a hobby laser first call the company and talk to their support tech’s
Ask how the company KNOWS how much wattage is in their laser tubes
Don’t buy from a company with either no 3rd party reviews or frequent angry reviews
Dont buy a hobby machine platform less than a 12″ x 12″ engraving area
Ask the company about a competitor. If they put them down – move on.

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