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Uniform system of laser engraving and cutting machine.Excimer laser beam energy distribution point within the variation exceeds l0%. The value of a large area of high-precision ablation processing applications is too large a. In principle will, the beam homogenizer optical system into plural pieces, and mixed with each other, are desktop mini laser engraving machine ultimately complete the full beam profile.

Uniform program excimer laser cutting machine laser beam has many species, including prism method, kaleidoscope law, waveguide cavity method, binary optics, aspheric lens method, holographic grating filter method, mirror folding beam method, light pieces Invert the superposition method, compound eyes, optical fiber, a porous membrane.

Method is to use a diamond-shaped prism of the prism symmetrical light beam in the short axis direction of the center of the original symmetrical cut into two beams, and an overlapping position in the prism. Advantages of laser cutting machine method is simple, but the disadvantage is only in strictly symmetrical input beam was satisfactory, and to obtain a uniform cross-section of the beam position very strictly symmetrical to the optical wedge angle.

Kaleidoscope law is the beam incident on a kaleidoscopic reflection optical cavity. Its advantages: production, assembly and adjustment simple and inexpensive. But the drawback is energy losses. When the incident light intensity distribution is approximately Gaussian distribution with maximum angle of incidence into the waveguide , only the optical axis of the lens and the optical axis is parallel or at an angle smaller reflected light does not pass directly through the waveguide, the rest of the incident light the reflection at the waveguide output to reach different points on the surface.

Waveguide cavity method is incident to a waveguide excimer laser reflection mirror, the use of the principle of conducting a similar hybrid fiber laser mode, to achieve the original beams are beams. Laser cutting machine advantage is low light loss, but the drawback is average beam effect is not ideal.

A combination of two laser cutting machine systems

Light guide system
Metal mirrors or dielectric film mirrors can be used as a light guide mirror, laser cutting machine is one of the important parts. The metal mirror, only suitable as a high-reflectance aluminum material. Using a laser cutting machine, as the laser equipment in the processing of metal materials, aluminum mirror also has the disadvantage that it is very soft and easily the alumina layer is formed after a period of time, once again to absorb ultraviolet light. If aluminum mirror and MgF2 layer coating together, you can get high reflectance in the ultraviolet region, enhance laser cutting machine efficiency, and durability is improved. At 193nm, destop laser engraver cutter machine the reflectance of about 80% of high-quality mirrors may be obtained with a dielectric mirror. Shows the transmittance curve of a high reflectance dielectric mirror.

In the UV region, the same difficulties again, is only a few materials are suitable for coating materials. At 200nm or less, the high refractive substances Al203, SC203, Hf02 and Si02 low refractive index material MgF2 is the most suitable material. Reflectance obtained 99.8%.

Shaping System
Telescope is often applied Galileo telescope two positive lenses. Its conjugate plane is designed to be close to the laser output window (distancehobby laser engraver exit aperture. Relative laser engraving and cutting machine, the Kepler telescope (positive and negative lens) can be used to save space. But its drawback is conjugate plane at infinity, and no aperture is imaged (more precisely, in the near field at or near the outlet cross section at the excimer laser resonator).

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