Desktop mini laser engraving machine MT3050

Desktop mini laser engraving machine is one of compressed laser cutting and engraving machine with compressed body structure, but the function is still keeping powerful like whole big laser system. The main advantage of desktop laser cutter and engraver is ultimate thin height and very light weight design, it is very convenient to carry to different place just by one people.

Desktop mini laser engraving machine MT3050 cas the cheaper price ,higher cost-performance ,that has become the most popular small laser engraving machine ! mini laser engraving machine price for model MT3050C is economic and acceptable for all of DIY client.

Special Features:

1.on this series of machine, framework integrally designed,working stably, economical and practical type machine

2.excellent printing effect and printing precision could comparewith flexible version, part of them could replace expensive softresin version

3.equipped with high precision ball screw up and down workingtable, with smoke purifier system, little noise.
4.ideal for middle and small-sized home workshops.

Main Parameters:

1. working area: 300*500mm

2. laser power: 50W

3. water cooling system: water pump

4. newest laser work software ( which support coreldraw X5 and X6)

5. red dot position ( you can learn the accurate laser position easily)

6. USB port ( support offline works)

7. any color is available, we can customize for you according to your request.

This Desktop Laser Machine mainly used for the engraving and cutting on acrylic, wood, variety of plastic, Fabrics (silk fabrics, cotton fabrics, decorative fabrics, hobby laser engraver polyester fabrics, synthetic fabrics,), leather (leather, artificial leather, decorative leather, packaging leather, soft-leather), cardboard and other supplies, and all kinds of non-metal material.

From 2010, the laser industry in China, like bamboo shoots after the rain, as they stand, everywhere, so the market has a lot of laser engraving machine model, we must first choose the right equipment for one, according to the needs of working to purchase, and then if you want the efficiency of this equipment requires the operator to be able to better be able to properly carry out this study laser engraving machine.

Means of laser processing has entered various industries, laser precision and speed, etc., in the era of the high labor cost expenditure, and its advantage by business owner’s attention, so many companies have purchased a laser cutting equipment to increase production efficiency, so that enterprises can gain greater advantage in the fierce competition in the market and further replace the traditional cutting equipment.

Laser engraving machine with its unique processing technology and performance make many problems are solved, the technology is constantly promoting the machinery manufacturing industry to move forward, and with the constant development of domestic equipment, there are a growing number of high-tech equipment in constantly introducing China, CNC laser cutting technology can also get more room for development.

Now the industry laser engraving machine applications cars, nuclear industry, petroleum, machinery manufacturing, touch screen, cutting, etc,advertising materials, etc. can be said to be varied.

So in the face of destop laser engraver cutter machine applications in various fields so wide and believe in the future there will be more industry after using it we should pay more attention to the laser engraving machine learning, so that some of the original can not solve the problem solved.

Spare parts of mini laser engraving machine:









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