Co2 laser tube

Professional provide 60W Co2 Laser widely used to kinds of laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, 60W Co2 Laser Cutter, laser engraver etc. 60W Laser Tube is 1200 or 1250MM length, 55MM diameter, the main advantage of 60W Co2 Laser Tube is perfect spot mode, steady, long lifetime etc. And we can offer the 60 Watt Laser technology consulting and installation guide before your purchase in order to purchase the best product for you.
1. Features
The equipment components are horny glass, resonance and electrode horny glass: this Part is make up by discharge tube, water-cooling set, gas storage set and trachea with GG17 material. CO2 Seal laser instrument is three layers pipe. The inside is Discharging tube, the middle is water-purify set and the out layer is gas storage. go back trachea is it is it is it in charge of and store the trachea to discharge to feed through to used for resonance: This part is make up by all and output speculum.

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