CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials

Laser engraving Laser engraver for sale machine industry leader in the application of non-metallic.Laser engraving machine engraving machine into metal and non-metal engraving machine two, both in machine applications are very wide, wide range of uses.

Nonmetal laser engraving machine, which is to stimulate a high concentration of Co2 gas generated by the discharge point 10.6um laser, this laser scribing for cutting non-metallic materials and so on. This is a laser engraving machine.

Laser engraving machine in a very wide field of application of the non-metallic industry, some industries have yet to be developed, the current majority in the paper-cutting laser engraving machine industry, the advertising industry, stone carving, wood carving, craft industry, selling, laser engraving machine function powerful, co2 laser cutting machine a paper-cut pieces of fine art, can replace ancient Chinese art of paper cutting! exquisite stone carvings and acrylic products are very attractive to the customer’s eye.

Finished with a laser engraving machine, such as making models, doing crystal ornaments, paper cutting craft, packaging, printing, garment leather processing, do the  processing, and the processing of finished products to sell yourself is very a profit of.

CO2 laser engraver is very popular in all the world. It could be used in the factory, shops.

CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials, such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, resin, rubber, bamboo product, double color board, marble, paper and other non-metal materials.

Laser engraving machine is widely used materials are acrylic, wood, MDF, fabric, flocking fabric, woven fabrics, leather, paper products, wool, paper, cardboard, Harima, plastic, rubber, color plates, bamboo products, marble, jade, crystal, glass, tiles, plant fruit and other non-metallic materials.
Laser engraving machine price how much money?

Laser engraving machine processing format and in accordance with the customer’s needs, metal laser cutting machine increasing accessories, starting price is not uniform, for a machine relatively high cost, quality and service is good, the prices are generally in the 10009 ~ 30005 ranging. Machine at this price point are only expensive.

Jinan laser engraving machine manufacturers, warm remind you:
1. The machine-assisted systems, water pumps used to keep cool state, the temperature is not too high, we should change the water temperature is high, so as to avoid causing the laser tube temperature is too high, does not work.

2. Regular cleaning parts, mirror: A total of 3 .2 slice open a seal and open the lens of cadmium per period of time (based on usage) (usually in a month or so, stick with medical alcohol wipe lens paper or cotton)

3. Cooling fan: laser engraving machine working 3–4 months or so, the rear cover is opened, then the laser tube and the fan needs to wipe the dust off the lot, then wipe clean after loading can be.

Laser engraving machine, co2 laser engraving machine laser head deviation What is the reason?

Laser engraving machine during operation Deviation What are the reasons? In engraving, cutting work, laser cutting machine sometimes appear deviation phenomenon, then the reason for this phenomenon in the end went wrong?

Laser engraving machine manufacturers, analyze the following points, for reference:

First: we must first look at the materials have put positive: If 60CM paper put skew 06MM, take the paper will be about 5 meters deviation of 5 meters.

Second: When the table is dirty or sticky residue, so that the movement on both sides of the paper by the unbalanced negative force, leading to gradually produce deflection caused about deviation;.

Third: press wheel wear variations, or pressure roller mismatch will cause about wandering, about the pressure roller should be slightly tapered, the bulk of outward. Pressure roller pressure is too small, the paper vulnerable to external forces generated deflection.

Fourth: before and after weight ranging from sticky notes (such as long and short in front of more complex diagram engraved, will result in gradually backward deviation, then the best termination period of the previous paper).
Fourth: Step Motor lost cause deviation.

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