CO2 laser engraving machine used in cooling mode leather carving

CO2 laser engraving machine used in cooling mode leather carving

Laser engraving machine according to the different types of lasers can be divided into semiconductors, CO2 and fiber laser engraving machine. Different lasers, laser engraving machine created a different function. CO2 laser engraving machine adopts CO2 laser emits laser engraving process on the workpiece. In the machine during operation, can be air-cooled and water-cooled two cooling methods.

CO2 laser engraving machine been widely used in carving leather respect. Laser engraving machine adopts water cooling mode, you need to put in the tank when the machine is assembled into production. The machine in use for some time, to the circulating destop laser engraver cutter machine water tank regularly replaced, typically replaced once a week for the best. If you are using air-cooled cooling mode, the fan will have to be cleaned. Because the machine running the process, there will be some residual contaminants down, so the fan for cleaning, to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

Two ways of laser engraving machine engraving
With the rapid development of a modern market economy increasingly high demand for productivity, the industry traditional processing methods have been unable to meet production requirements. Laser engraving as a new processing technology is widely used in various industries processing. The use of laser engraving equipment, to sculpture brought new development, improve work efficiency. Laser engraving machine to engrave the workpiece during machining, engraving two common ways are: bitmap and vector engraving engraving.

Laser engraving machine is the use of laser technology in the surface carving, a non-contact processing. Bitmap engraving is, we first processed in a computer program, which was converted to monochrome BMP format, and then specialized software to open the graphic Electric Division, according to the designed parameters, click Run, laser engraving machine will be able to customize carved out of the product.

Hobby desktop laser engraver cutter machine is very popular in the market, for it is mini laser machine yet with multi functions, this laser engraver machine with up and down work table, it could also be added with rotary clamp, then could use it for glass cups and wine cups engraving.

Vector engraving is the use of vector software such as AutoCad, etc. layout design, graphics export to DXF format, then its engraving.

Laser engraving machine high efficiency, desktop mini laser engraving machine features high-precision engraving, won the majority of customers suppression recognized for its development in the market to provide effective help.

Comparison of laser engraving technology with traditional carving
The rise of laser engraving technology to make traditional carving techniques a hit, then the two have kind of difference?

1, laser engraving technology can simultaneously achieve carving, cutting, polishing, and traditional carving techniques, such as mechanical engraving can not be completed within the same time three.

2, laser engraving is the use of advanced laser technology for processing, a non-contact processing, to avoid scratching the workpiece; traditional mechanical engraving is necessary to make contact with the workpiece, the workpiece needs to be fixed, it will scratch the workpiece, causing material waste.

3, the laser engraving high precision, speed, capable of extremely subtle parts of carving and engraving effect hobby laser engraver is good; traditional carving methods can not reach this level.

4, laser engraving, low energy consumption, no noise, no pollution, are energy-saving and environment-friendly processing methods; traditional carving methods will cause noise pollution and energy consumption required large.

Development of laser engraving technology led to the updating of laser engraving equipment, but also provides customers with a better choice and accelerate the development of the engraving industry.

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