co2 laser engraving machine MT-L960 can be used for both engraving and cutting works

Internal stress laser processing laser cutting machine

In the production process of the body part, the deformation of the metal parts during welding and the internal stress due to the introduction of laser cutting machine leads to the heat caused by the delay in the production process. These deformed parts need manual correction. In order to prove the possibility of laser cutting machine boom correction body parts, acrylic laser engraving body parts of a complex line A-pillar for research.

A column by a metal plate composed of two half-shell, connected together by MIG welding and spot welding laser engraving machine. An auxiliary support tube as a supporting member between the two half-shells, which is a roll-over protection bar. The size of the free end of the two-dimensional structure deviation is produced by the mother before the column was compared. Single component due to the deformation caused by the deviation in the magnitude and direction are different. Statistics 20 parts, the number of them with the definition of the position deviation of 1 ~ 4mm.

In order to reduce distortion, wedge and plastic zone, laser irradiation method was introduced. Area and the number of correction depends on the difference in shape. Calibration results can be on-line monitoring, usually by the end of the deformation sensor parts: 10 ~ 40 times the number of laser irradiation depends on the wood laser engraving machine size of  the deformation. Corrected time includes a ~ 3 times of the laser radiation and measurement cycle, it normally takes 1 ~ 6min. Deformation deviation can be automatically adjusted to o2mm.

co2 laser engraving machine MT-L960 can be used for both engraving and cutting works, it can engrave letters, words, numbers even photos on the surface of most non metal materials with higher accuracy. Besides, if this laser engraver machine is added with rotary clamp, then it also can work on cylinders.

Components especially towards miniaturization of electronic components constantly. Component miniaturization development through special techniques, such as electronic chips in laser engraving machine lithography techniques. Emerging issues in these areas can be achieved by improving these technologies. In addition, the processing of audio-visual equipment and hard disk read-write head electronic camera lens chip also requires a laser engraving machine molding technology. Miniaturization of these devices also requires a high accuracy of the clamping device. These often do not achieve high accuracy or very expensive. This is the key to enter the production of laser forming.

Laser engraving machine laser tube failure Solution

Laser engraving machine laser tube failure Solution:

1 shutdown, unplug the laser tube power plug.

2 boot, file transfer fails carved, according to the normal procedures began carving (cutting).

3 Observe the plug, there are several root thin wire and red,co2 laser engraver  black and coarse wire composed of a voltage measuring any coarse wire red and black wires between coarse and see whether it is 48V, attention multimeter DC voltage to be transferred to a block.

4 If not 48V, it may be  a problem with the power supply board. If it is 48V, it is possible that the laser tube itself, for other reasons.

If the energy of the laser tube appears reduced or no energy phenomenon, we first have to check the laser tube input co2 laser engraving machine voltage is much, then consider other possibilities. Laser engraving machine power board under normal circumstances, the voltage output to the laser tube is DC 48V, even if the external voltage is normal, if the power board under faulty conditions, may not give the laser tube 48V rated voltage, which causes the laser tube attenuation or not working properly.

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