CO2 laser engraving machine is best-selling model for non-metal materials engraving and cutting

Laser engraving machine engraving different wood products.General mechanical sculpture carving can not economical way point of varying thickness, and therefore does not have the form of gray. Laser engraving machine is a way Laser engraver for sale to achieve RBI sculpture, has a natural advantage in terms of grayscale performance. To do this as far as possible in the design carved gray forms, one of the benefits of this work is to reduce the colored engraving materials.

First, wood carving

Wood is by far the most commonly used laser processing of materials, it is easy to carve and cutting. Light-colored wood like birch, cherry or maple easily be laser vaporization, and thus more suitable for engraving. Each timber plate production has co2 laser engraving machine its own characteristics, and some dense some, such as hardwood, when carving or cutting is necessary to use a larger laser power. Recommend unfamiliar wood carving before, we must first study sculpture features.

Co2 laser engraving machine

CO2 laser engraving machine is best-selling model for non-metal materials engraving and cutting,such as acrylic,cloth,leather,woolens,bamboo,paper,rubber,double colored board,plastics,ring oxygen,glass, etc.

All of our laser machine adopt advanced DSP control system which continue and optimize the cutting speed,processing path, improve the working efficiency,the clearance compensation ensure the processing quality.MORN laser machine offer you best service and highest quality.
Second, plywood sculpture

In fact, with the plywood carved on wood carving is not much difference, but one thing to note, is not too deep engraving depth. Plywood edges after cutting as black as the wood will be the key is to look at what kind of wood to use plywood manufacturing.

Third, wood cutting

Depth of cut wood laser engraving machine is generally not deep, materials and laser power maximum cutting depth look at the wood, such as wood to be cut very thick, you can slow down the cutting speed, but may cause burning wood. Specific operation may try to use the large size of the lens, and the use of repeated cutting methods.
Maintenance of the laser engraving machine pick up and wipe the optical lens

Laser engraving machine optics are important and need regular maintenance cleaning. Meanwhile, metal laser cutting machine optical lenses is very fragile, and we must at the same time cleaning extra careful, here for everyone to talk about the precautions before cleaning the lens, I hope we can be understood.

Because the lens surface is very shiny, so can not pick co2 laser cutting machine up when touched with bare hands to avoid leaving fingerprints, need to wear a rubber glove to avoid friction with the contact lenses.

Many people avoid direct exposure to the laser lens and the use of tools, such an approach is wrong, because it can easily lead to broken lenses. After pick up lens can not be left unattended, you need to specify the lens on paper.

In the process of wiping the laser lens which you can use special wipes to wipe. Lens Avoid contact with oil and water to drink.

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