CO2 laser engraver is very popular

Performance laser engraving machine

Laser engraving machine for precision CNC equipment, the necessary daily care and maintenance is essential for life and the accuracy of the machine. Every machine after use, pay attention to cleaning, be sure to dust on the platform and drive to clean up.

1, laser engraving machine adopts advanced numerical control systems, property autonomy, easy to upgrade expansion, using handle operation, large screen display, operation and maintenance easier, more humane design.

2, anti-jamming design of hardware and software synchronization, high-performance CPU, to ensure reliable operation of laser engraving machine with advanced three-dimensional intelligent prediction algorithm to ensure the curve, line of high-speed operation and high precision.

3. Flexible Data Access: Can be read co2 laser engraving machine by any handle, network processing data, the process is completely offline, handles communication with the computer using the USB interface, data transfer faster.

CO2 laser engraver is very popular in all the world. It could be used in the factory, shops.

CO2 laser machine can be used in a lot of materials, such as leather, cloth, wool, fur, acrylic, plexiglass, wooden board, plastic, resin, rubber, bamboo product, double color board, marble, paper and other non-metal materials.

4, software compatibility, compatible with a variety of design software. Laser engraving machine also has a breakpoint, continued carving capabilities, and promptly correct the error code file function and automatic error correction back to the origin.

5, the whole cast structure, rigidity, deformation, imported double anti-backlash lead screw nut, rails, ensuring high-speed operation and high precision.

6, with a high-power laser engraving machine micro-step drive, the engraving more precise, smooth high frequency water-cooled spindle Laser engraver for sale motor, interchangeable spindle design, sculpture, engraving and milling, cutting easy.

Laser engraving machine maintenance considerations
Laser engraving machine is not working properly, it may be a problem with its internal components or other reasons, you want to own a laser engraving machine maintenance customers will need to look at the following maintenance considerations.

1, three-axis laser engraving machine has an axis can not move, this time to check whether the corresponding axis corresponding to the drive block damage inspection methods can be used to replace method: shaft will not unplug the corresponding plug in other active corresponding to the drive shaft.

2, If the spindle does not work properly. The metal laser cutting machine error code checking drive LED display.

CO2 laser engraver can also be worked in a lot of materials, such as advertising constrction, building decoration, furniture, toys, vessel mould, textile, packaging and paper, leather industry etc.

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3, if the exchange of laser engraving machine fixed axis normal walking, you can explain to the co2 laser cutting machine axis corresponding to the drive block is damaged and need replacing good drive block.

If you do not move the axis or not it shows the cable laser engraving machine or motor faulty, or the need to replace the motor if the triaxial cable are not active, you should check whether the laser engraving machine triaxial aviation plugs and control box connected; control box is turned on; if the data and control lines boxes and computer host controller card connected. If the above are OK, please contact the factory.

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