CO2 laser cutting system

Introduction of industrial applications CO2 laser cutting machine.The world’s first CO2 laser cutting machine co2 laser engraving machine is the 1970s the birth.

Thirty years, due to the continuous expansion of application fields, CO2 laser cutting machines continue to improve, there are a number of current international and domestic enterprises engaged in the production of various CO2 laser cutting machine to meet the needs of the market, there is a two-dimensional flat cutter, three-dimensional cutting curved space, pipe cutting machines.

CO2 laser cutting system with mainly two types of units purchased: one is the medium-sized manufacturing enterprises, which have a large number of products in sheet metal laser cutting machine needs cutting, cutting, and has strong economic and technological strength; the other the unit is processing station (foreign countries, said Job Shop), the processing station is designed to undertake external laser processing business, their non-dominant products.

Its presence on the one hand can meet some of the needs of SMEs and processing; on the one hand to promote the use of laser cutting technology play a role in the early propaganda demonstration. 1999 US total of laser processing station 2700, of which 51% work in laser cutting.

China’s laser processing station eighties mainly engaged in laser heat treatment work, after the nineties, laser cutting and tapping station gradually increased. On this basis, along with the deepening of China’s reform and medium-sized enterprises and economic strength, more and more enterprises will use CO2 laser cutting technology.

co2 laser cutting machine with low price and high quality. Like this model MT-L1212, customer could choose the laser tubes according to their own needs, such as 80W reci, 100W reci, 130W reci max. Different laser power could cut different thickness.

From the analysis of the current situation of domestic applications, CO2 laser cutting is widely used in

The first category: technical and economic point of view should not be manufactured from a metal sheet metal molds, especially complex contour shape, small quantities, the general thickness

The second category: decoration, co2 laser cutting machine  advertising, service industries with stainless steel (general thickness

The third category: Requires uniform kerf special parts. A typical application is the most widely used parts die-packaging and printing industry to use, it requires the 20mm thick wooden template cut out a slit width of 0.7 ~ 0.8mm slot, then insert is in the tank.

Fashion on the use of die-cutting machine, cut all kinds of good graphics printed box. In recent years, the domestic application of a new oil field sieve slit tube. In order to block the sediment into the pump, the wall thickness of 6 ~ 9mm steel pipe cut out0.3mm, cutting technical difficulties, has not fewer units of production.

Laser cutting machine is introduced, foreign addition to the above applications, is also expanding its application areas, such as:

(1) using three-dimensional laser cutting system or configuration of industrial robots, cutting space curve, the development of various three-dimensional cutting software to speed up the process from drawing to cut the part.

(2) In order to improve production efficiency, research and development of a variety of special cutting system, material delivery system, the linear motor drive system, the Laser engraver for sale cutting speed of the cutting system currently has more than 100m / min.

(3) The application for the extension of construction machinery, shipbuilding industries, the cutting of mild steel thickness over 30mm, with special attention to the study of low-carbon steel with nitrogen cutting technology, in order to improve the cutting planks notch quality. Therefore, the expansion of industrial applications of CO2 laser cutting and solve new applications are still some technical problems is an important topic engineering and technical personnel.

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