CO2 laser cutting machine that is a gas laser marking machine

Application of CO2 laser cutting machine.CO2 laser cutting machine that is a gas laser marking machine, laser tube filled due mainly gas for CO2, so this laser tube called a CO2 laser tube, using this laser tube laser cutting machine called a CO2 laser cutting machine. The world’s first CO2 laser cutting machine is the 1970s the birth. Thirty years, due to the continuous expansion of application fields, CO2 laser cutting machine continuous improvement.

From the existing laser technology, the highest cutting thickness laser cutting equipment is none other than the non-CO2 laser cutting machine, CO2 laser cutting machine is particularly suitable for the following products:

Not a metal sheet metal manufacturing mold, especially the more complex contour shape, small quantities of metal sheet co2 laser engraving machine metal parts.

Cutting non-metallic materials such as advertising industry, the garment industry, furniture handicraft industry ordinary carbon dioxide laser cutting machine enough to meet your needs, so the pattern decoration, advertising, service industries with stainless steel or non-metallic materials, labeling, fonts can be used CO2 laser cutting machine.

There have two kinds. One is MT-L640 with stand floor. Another is MT-L640 without stand floor.

This two kinds laser machine feature is the same, co2 laser cutting machine just the machine appearance is different.

Co2 laser can equipped with one rotary device, then it could process cylinder objects.

CO2 laser engraving machine is best-selling model for non-metal materials engraving and cutting,such as
acrylic,cloth,leather,woolens,bamboo,paper,rubber,double colored board,plastics,ring oxygen,glass, etc.

All of our laser machine adopt advanced DSP control system which continue and optimize the cutting speed,processing path, improve the working efficiency,the clearance compensation ensure the processing quality.MORN laser machine offer you best service and highest quality.

co2 laser cutting machine is used to focus the laser beam is focused on the mirror surface of the material to melt the material, while the laser beam is coaxial with the cutting gas being to blow away molten material and to the laser beam and the material along a given trajectory of relative motion, thus to form a shape slit co2 laser cutting machine is best suited cutting thickness

On the cutting wall thickness of 6 ~ 9mm steel pipe cut out 0.3mm, the oil sieve slit tube cutting, in Laser engraver  for sale order to block the sediment into the pump in the wall thickness of 6 ~ 9mm steel pipe cut out 0.3mm, therefore, can only choose CO2 laser cutting machine.

CO2 laser cutting machine features
CO2 laser cutting machine has the following important features:

1. good cutting quality. Narrow kerf width, high precision surface roughness of the cut is good, lancing generally do not need further processing to welding.

In the field of industrial cutting machining process, and often require special parts evenly cut, while CO2 laser cutting is able to fully meet this requirement, which is widely used in advertising, decoration and other service industries.

2. Cutting speed, small heat-affected zone, the deformation is very small, but the amount to meet the complex contour cutting small workpieces, mold manufacturing cost savings and cycle is very long extent.

3. Clean, metal laser cutting machine safe, pollution-free.

Greatly improved the working environment for the operator. Does not produce emissions pollute the environment when cutting material, cutting the cost is very low, cutting can maximize the use of the material, do not waste materials.

Is widely used in sheet metal, all kinds of metal products, precision machinery, auto parts, advertising signs, gifts, lighting hardware, precision components and other industries.

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