CO2 laser cutting machine simple operation

CO2 laser cutting machine application and Features.In the field of industrial cutting machining process, and often require special parts evenly cut, while CO2 laser cutting is able to fully meet this requirement, which is widely used in advertising, decoration and other service industries, for a thickness of not more than three millimeters of stainless steel and thickness of not more than twenty millimeters of non-metallic materials have very good co2 laser cutting machine cutting effect, CO2 laser cutting machine in addition to the characteristics of high precision cutting also has a cutting speed, cut flat, narrow kerf and other advantages.

CO2 laser cutting machine simple operation, easy maintenance, stable performance, no exhaust pollution of the environment when cutting material, cutting the cost is very low, you can maximize the use of the material when metal laser cutting machine cutting, do not waste materials.

CO2 laser cutting machine cutting contour complexity but also to meet a small amount of workpiece machining, mold  manufacturing cost savings and cycle is very long extent.

CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in sheet metal, all kinds of metal products, precision machinery, auto parts, advertising signs, gifts, lighting hardware, precision components and other industries.

Co2 laser engraving machine MT-L960 can be used for both engraving and cutting works, it can engrave letters, words, numbers even photos on the surface of most non metal materials with higher accuracy. Besides, if this laser engraver machine is added with rotary clamp, then it also can work on cylinders.

Application of CO2 laser technology
In the laser processing, there are two kinds of laser technology can be used for laser drilling. CO2 laser wavelengths in the far-infrared band, ultraviolet laser wavelengths in the ultraviolet band. CO2 laser is widely used in the printed circuit board industry making micro-via holes, the hole diameter is greater than the requirements of the micro-100m (Raman, 2001).

For the production of these large diameter holes, CO2 laser with high productivity, because the CO2 laser punching the time required for production of large pores is very short.

UV laser technology is widely used in the production of a microporous diameter of less than co2 laser engraving machine 100m, with the use of miniature circuit diagram, the aperture may be even smaller than 50m. UV laser technology at the hole diameter of less than 80m production yield is very high.

Therefore, in order to meet the increasing demand microporous productivity, many manufacturers have begun to introduce double laser drilling systems. Here is today’s market with double laser drilling system of three main types:

1) double UV drilling system;

2) double CO2 laser drilling system;

3) stick together laser drilling systems (CO2 and ultraviolet).
All these types of drilling systems has its own advantages and disadvantages. Laser drilling system can be simply divided into two types, two-bit single-bit dual-wavelength system and dual wavelength system. Whatever the type, there are two main parts affecting drilling capacity:

1) laser energy / pulse energy;

2) a beam positioning system.

Transmission efficiency of the laser pulse energy and the beam is determined drilling time, Laser engraver for sale drilling time is the laser micro-via drilling machine to drill a hole of time, the beam positioning system determines the speed of movement between the two holes. These factors together determine the laser drilling machine production rate required for a given micro-via hole. Double ultraviolet laser system is most suitable for use in an integrated circuit of less than 90m.

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