CO2 laser cutting machine parameters

Several key technologies CO2 laser cutting machine.In the CO2 laser cutting machine parameters, performance and precision CNC machines and laser beam systems have a direct impact laser cutting efficiency and quality. Especially for high precision cutting or greater thickness of the part, must understand and resolve the following key technologies:

1, the nozzle design and airflow control technology: laser cutting of steel, the oxygen gas and the laser beam is focused through a nozzle onto the material to be cut at the beam so as to form one air flow. The basic requirement is that the airflow into the gas flow to a large incision, the speed must be high so that the cut material is sufficiently oxidized so that sufficiently exothermic reaction; same time there is sufficient momentum to blow the molten material was injected.

Therefore, in addition to the quality of the beam and its control directly affects the cutting quality, the nozzle design, and the air flow control (such as nozzle pressure, the workpiece location in the gas stream) is also very important factors.

2. Cutting perforation technology: any kind of thermal cutting technique, except in a few cases can be started from the outside edge of the board, are generally required to wear a hole in the board. Earlier in the laser punch press machine is used to metal laser cutting machine punch out a hole, and then use a laser from the hole to start cutting.

3. The focal position control: One of the advantages of laser cutting is a high energy density beam, typically 10W / cm2. Since the energy density 4 / d2 proportional, so the focus spot diameter as small as possible, so as to produce a narrow kerf; while the depth of focus is proportional to the focal spot diameter and also the lens.

The smaller the depth of focus of the focusing lens, the smaller the diameter of the focus spot. But there is splashing cutting the lens from the workpiece too easy to damage the lens, it is generally high-power CO2 laser cutting machine is widely used in industrial applications 5 ~ 7.5 “(127 ~ 190mm) focal Laser engraver for sale length.

co2 laser cutting machine with low price and high quality. Like this model MT-L1212, customer could choose the laser tubes according to their own needs, such as 80W reci, 100W reci, 130W reci max. Different laser power could cut different thickness.

Analysis method CO2 laser cutting machine:

CO2 laser cutting machine mainstream as traditional laser cutting, CO2 laser belong to harm minimization, using the CO2 laser welding equipment, cutting co2 laser cutting machine carbon steel can be stabilized within 20mm, 10mm stainless steel within, aluminum 8mm or less.

Fiber laser cutting sheet 4mm less obvious advantages, it is affected by poor quality solid-state laser wavelengths in cutting co2 laser engraving machine slabs.

Laser cutting machine is not a panacea, CO2 laser wavelength 10.6um, solid-state lasers such as YAG or fiber laser having a wavelength of 1.06um, the former is more easily absorbed by the non-metallic, can cut high quality wood, acrylic, PP, plexiglass other non-metallic materials, which are not easily absorbed by the non-metallic, non-metallic materials it can not be cut, but when confronted with two lasers in copper, silver, aluminum, high reflective material are helpless.

Modern laser cutting, welding machine applications and user’s technical requirements, the laser cutting, welding is undoubtedly the future direction of development of high-power, large-format, high efficiency, a molding, high intelligence.

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