co2 laser cutting machine of soft tissue

co2 laser cutting machine of three effects.Temperature effect: co2 laser cutting machine of soft tissue mainly in order to achieve the effect. If its laser energy strikes the water molecules, the water molecules can become excited state with high-speed kinetic energy, the kinetic energy of a fluid can achieve good results in tissue cutting, that is the use of water molecules as the cutting of media organizations. Water molecules can easily absorb the laser energy at this wavelength, but it does not destroy the structure of water molecules bond.

Mechanical effects: ability co2 laser cutting machine hard tissue is not from the temperature effect, but by the energy of evaporation of the water in the tissue, resulting in increased pressure within the tissue, until it does not reach the melting point of the hard tissue causing tissue breakdown, this phenomenon is termed special micro outbreak, and temperature effects are not directly related.

Hydrodynamic effects: Laser engraver for sale for example, the latest erbium chromium YSGG laser, mainly for laser excitation of water molecules to produce high-speed power hydrodynamics. After the tissue to absorb the laser energy the temperature rises, when the temperature of tissues does not produce changes in the 370C to 600C when, once the solidification starts exceeds 600C, the effect of hemostasis can be achieved, when the temperature exceeds 1000C, the water will be evaporated between cells, the rest will be carbonized tissue dehydration exceeds 2000C or more.

co2 laser cutting machine technology has brought a new era

With the advancement of technology and people’s quality of life in the pursuit, the traditional cutting process has been far unable to meet the needs of the product. Since the advent of co2 laser cutting machine machine, with its cutting seam fine, smooth cutting surface, cutting speed, heat distortion and other significant advantages rapidly replacing the traditional small craft. metal laser cutting machine cutting process is fully automatic computer programming contactless cutting, do not pollute the material, and the cutting efficiency is far from the traditional cutting machine can not match. co2 laser cutting machine machine.

Energy light, mechanical, electrical, integrated design, in the form of laser light into a concentrated beam of high-density delivered to the work surface, thereby generating heat to melt the material, combined with the direct beam coaxial with the high-pressure gas removing the molten metal separated, so whether it is the same material or dissimilar material cutting cutting, you can achieve co2 laser engraving machine the perfect cutting results. co2 laser cutting machine machine at this stage has been widely used in the machining, electronics manufacturing, molding, as well as advertising, crafts and other industries, and received unanimous recognition and acceptance.

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