CO2 laser cutting machine of continuous improvement

Brief CO2 laser cutting machine development.The first CO2 laser cutting machine is when it occurs?

The world’s first CO2 laser cutting machine was born in the 1970s. Back in the late 1970s, China’s imports of CO2 lasers directly from abroad, engaged in industrial processing and medical applications. From the late 1980s, CO2 lasers are widely introduced and applied in the field of materials processing. Over the years, due to the continuous expansion of application fields, CO2 laser cutting machine of continuous improvement, there are many domestic and international companies engaged in the production of various co2 laser cutting machine to meet market demand.

CO2 laser cutting machine developed earlier, a variety of materials suitable  for a variety of industries.

It is used for advertising, decoration, and other non-metallic materials, in particular the complexity of the cutting contour of the workpiece, but the amount is very small, and save manufacturing cost of the mold cycle. CO2 laser it uses a more important gas lasers, with more prominent advantages.

It has a relatively large power and a relatively high energy conversion efficiency. co2 laser engraving machine CO2 lasers are generally closed tube can have tens of watts of continuous output power, which is far more than the other gas lasers, transverse-flow CO2 laser electrical excitation can have hundreds of thousands of watts of continuous output. Further lateral atmospheric CO2 laser, the pulse output from the energy and power also have reached a high level, comparable with solid-state lasers. CO2 laser, the energy conversion efficiency of up to 30 ~ 40%, which exceeds the general gas laser.

CO2 laser cutting machine and more common, but the laser cutting machine, after all, is a new tool, laser processing technology is also different from the traditional processing methods, so we need to continue to explore, dig, innovation in the future.

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Laser cutting machine technology is the use of a laser beam interaction with the material properties of the material (including metallic and non-metallic) for cutting, welding, surface treatment, drilling, micromachining, and as the light source, such as an object recognition technology, areas of greatest legacy applications for laser processing technology.

Laser technology is related to the optical, mechanical, electrical, materials and testing and many other subjects of an integrated technology, the traditional point of view, the scope of its research in general can be divided into:

1. The laser processing systems. Includes a light guide systems, machine tools, control systems and detection systems.

2. Laser processing technology. Including laser cutting machine, welding, surface treatment, drilling, marking, scribing, trimming and other processes.

Auto Body thickness boards, auto parts, lithium batteries, pacemakers, seals and other sealing devices and a variety of welding does not allow contamination and deformation devices. Laser engraver for sale Lasers currently used are CO2 lasers and fiber lasers.

The automotive industry, electrical cabinet, wooden knife mold industry, cutting metal parts and special materials, circular saw blades, acrylic, spring washers, 2mm below the electronic parts with copper, some metal plates, steel pipes, tinned iron, lead Asia-plated steel, phosphor bronze, wood, thin aluminum alloy, quartz glass, silicone rubber, 1mm or less alumina ceramics, titanium alloys used in the aerospace industry and so on. There YAG lasers using lasers and CO2 lasers.

In a variety of materials and virtually all industries have been widely used lasers currently used are YAG lasers, CO2 lasers and fiber lasers.

Laser heat treatment: It is widely applied in the automotive industry, such as heat treatment cylinder, crankshaft, piston rings, commutator, gears and other parts, as well as in aerospace, machine tool industry, and other machinery industry is also widely used. Application of laser heat treatment is much more extensive than abroad. Lasers currently used mostly YAG lasers, CO2 lasers based.

Laser metal laser cutting machine Rapid Prototyping: the formation of the laser processing technology and computer numerical control technology and flexible manufacturing technologies. Used for mold and model industry. Lasers currently used mostly YAG lasers, CO2 lasers based.

Laser coating: widely used in aerospace, mold and electrical industries. Lasers currently used in high-power multi-YAG laser, CO2 laser-based.

Laser drilling: laser drilling is mainly used in the aerospace, automobile manufacturing, electronic instruments, chemical and other industries. The rapid development of laser drilling, punching increase mainly reflected in the YAG laser with an average output from five years ago, 400w to 800w to 1000w. China is currently more mature laser drilling applications in synthetic diamond and production of natural diamond drawing dies and instruments, watches and clocks jewel bearings, aircraft blades, multi-layer printed circuit board manufacturing and other industries. Lasers currently used mostly YAG laser, CO2 laser-based, there are also some fiber laser isotope lasers and diode-pumped lasers.

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