CO2 laser cutting machine can be used for shoe leather

CO2 laser cutting machine can be used for shoe leather, apparel fabrics fabrics, acrylic plastic, rubber sheets, bamboo products, color plates, PVC panels and fiber and other non-metallic materials, cutting and engraving, sports structure using imported linear guide rail and high speed stepper motor, co2 laser engraving machine can be off-line processing, user-friendly interface is easier to operate.

Features: high precision cutting, machining efficiency at the same time with two laser heads and double increase, to help enterprises improve efficiency and add more economic benefits mechanized processing, up to a certain scale processing, laser is non-metallic laser cutting best choice for enterprises.
Non-metal laser cutting machine life how long?

Purchase and processing of non-metallic laser cutting machine users will take into account the life of the majority of the length of the problem, after all the equipment investment will produce corrupted, so I hope you can stable, long-term use, this probably briefly nonmetal laser cutting machine exactly how long life can:

Not expensive, only the election of
We want to get long-term equipment, laser machine to be the first to be aware of, is called porcelain live diamond needs corresponding laser machine is the same reason, can not be blind pursuit of cheap, processing requirements can not keep up once, then damage to the equipment is quite large. Unaware of their processing equipment requirements?

Reasonable arrangements for safe operation
No special production requirements, such as uninterrupted work, so the use of laser cutting machine  needs a reasonable arrangement, where the production is recommended 4-6 hours metal laser cutting machine later, pause to rest for half an hour to one hour, in operation, the ability  of the operator and stronger sense of responsibility, care and regular maintenance of equipment, in strict accordance with the instructions to use the equipment.
CO2 laser cutting machine has USB port transfer files and support offlne work.

CO2 laser cuttting device adopt the newest laser work software and imported focus len, all of these makes cutting with high accuracy. And optional up and down worktable, it is convenient for thick materials. Add a rotary spindle, CO2 laser cutter can work on cylinder materials.

The timely replacement of consumables

Like lenses, laser tube after the loss of such product, if more than the standard use of long, cutting and engraving effects found before, it should be replaced, or on other parts of the device can also be affected. These losses after product is fully capable of generating a greater loss of interest will appear unavailable, this is really considered a fraction of replacement cost.

Non-metal laser cutting machine technology

Non-metal laser cutting machine cutting materials are leather, fabric, crafts, acrylic, knife templates, etc. In addition to metal materials, but the application of the technology is more widely used, has a set of programs are cutting their own industry. Now sharing is as follows:

Sample process – a wide range of non-metallic materials, size, thickness, flatness every material are different, co2 laser cutting machine the sample can be pre-processed before the implementation of the parameters adjusted to the optimum value, get the best accuracy and a depth, after completion of this sample work, and then finished cut, to improve efficiency.

Operating time – laser cutting machine equipment to support 24-hour operation, but it is recommended in five hours of processing equipment for long and then let rest for half an hour. This prevents overheating risks behind the cutting accuracy suffers decrease occurs.

Stable voltage – good enough to control the power to prohibit the current value increased to the maximum, to avoid voltage instability caused by circuit failure, do not worry Laser engraver for sale if you can configure the regulator.

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